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Note: This wiki covers information about the Sly Cooper series, and as such contains spoilers.
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The Samurai Costume is a costume in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that is acquired in Feudal Japan. The costume is impervious to flames, an ability which is necessary in order to defeat El Jefe during that particular encounter. A large shield that is equipped while wearing the costume allows Sly Cooper to deflect fireballs back at the attacker, an ability that it used to open special doors, destroy some security systems and daze El Jefe. A drawback of using this costume is that it is heavy and its weight slows Sly down while wearing it and also makes it impossible to jump.

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The front cover for The Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 1.
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  • ...that Bentley is the first character to talk in each of the first three games?
  • ...that Murray doesn't wear pants because he can't find any in his size?
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