The following are trophies that can be earned in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Trophy MaskAndStripesForever Mask and Stripes Forever PS3Platinum
Collect every bronze, silver, and gold trophy.
Trophy FamilyMatters Family Matters PS3Bronze

Rescue Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 1.

Tutorial: Obtained after completing Breakout!
Trophy LowCalorieSushi Low Calorie Sushi PS3Bronze
Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 1.
Trophy PlayItSafe Play It Safe PS3Bronze
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 1.
Trophy Gunslinger Gunslinger PS3Bronze

Reunite with Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 2.

Tutorial: Obtained after completing Jailhouse Blues
Trophy DustBunnies Dust Bunnies PS3Bronze
Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 2.
Trophy PutItInYour401K Put It in Your 401K PS3Bronze
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 2.
Trophy BigfootForReal Bigfoot for Real PS3Bronze

Track down Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 3.

Tutorial: Obtained after completing Unexpected Ties
Trophy Bearcicle Bearcicle PS3Bronze
Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 3.
Trophy SavingsAccount Savings Account PS3Bronze
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 3.
Trophy BoomStick Boom Stick PS3Bronze

Introduce Sly to his long lost Cooper relative in Episode 4.

Tutorial: Obtained after completing Juggling Act
Trophy IBelieveTheTimeIsNow I Believe the Time is Now PS3Bronze
Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 4.
Trophy ZennyGilOrJustLoot Zenny, Gil, or Just Loot PS3Bronze
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 4.
Trophy INeedAMouseTrap I Need a Mouse Trap PS3Bronze

Meet up with an old adversary.

Tutorial: Obtained after completing Shell Shocked Heart
Trophy KeepYourTurbanOn Keep Your Turban On PS3Bronze

Make friends with Sly's long lost Cooper relative in Episode 5.

Tutorial: Obtained after completing Lost and Found
Trophy HomeSick Home Sick PS3Bronze
Complete all the jobs and beat the boss in Episode 5.
Trophy CheckPlease Check Please PS3Bronze
Unlock the Cooper Safe in Episode 5.
Trophy OnlineShopping Online Shopping PS3Bronze

Make your first purchase on ThiefNet.

Tutorial: While in the safe house, press TriangleButton to access ThiefNet and buy a power-up
Trophy SparrowApproves Sparrow Approves PS3Bronze

Use the compass many times to navigate.

Tutorial: Obtained after activating the compass (L3 or rear touch pad) 500 times
Trophy WardrobeMalfunction Wardrobe Malfunction PS3Bronze

Unlock your first change of clothing.

Tutorial: Obtained during Breakout! after collecting all three pieces of the Samurai Costume
Trophy CostumeParty Costume Party PS3Silver
Obtain every costume in the game.
Trophy CooperCallingCard Cooper Calling Card PS3Bronze

Collect your first hidden Sly mask.

Tutorial: Obtained after collecting one Sly Mask, see here for location list
Trophy OhLookIt'sShiny Oh Look It's Shiny PS3Bronze
Pickpocket 10 unique items.
Trophy ChildOfThe80's Child of the 80's PS3Bronze
Beat the top high score of one hideout arcade.
Trophy What'sBehindDoorNumberOne What's Behind Door Number One? PS3Bronze
Unlock a costume gate in any episode.
Trophy ArcadeOperator Arcade Operator PS3Bronze

Repair any arcade machine.

Tutorial: Collect all Treasures in any one episode
Trophy ClockwerkCollector Clockwerk Collector PS3Bronze
Collect over 20 treasures.
Trophy ApolloWins Apollo Wins PS3Bronze

Have the perfect workout during the Training Montage.

Tutorial: Obtained by not making a mistake during the montage in Getting Stronger
Trophy GetToTheChopper Get to the Chopper PS3Bronze
Don't take any damage during Up In Smoke.
Trophy TheCooperOpen The Cooper Open PS3Bronze

Have a 20 hit rally with Bentley in each hideout.

Tutorial: Obtained by hitting the ball back and forth 20 times at each of the six Ping Pong tables
Trophy Cheers Cheers PS3Bronze
Don't miss a single glass of sarsaparilla in Saloon Bug.
Trophy NavigateLikeDrake Navigate Like Drake PS3Bronze

Take a look at every map in every episode.

Tutorial: This includes hubs, jobs and safe houses.
Trophy HubbaHubba Hubba Hubba PS3Bronze

Don't miss a beat in the Carmelita dance game.

Tutorial: Obtained by completing the Carmelita dance game in All Rolled Up! without missing a single beat
Trophy LunchMoney Lunch Money PS3Bronze
Slam 100 enemies with Murray.
Trophy UnexpectedPackage Unexpected Package PS3Bronze
Place 60 bombs in enemy pockets with Bentley.
Trophy WaddleWaddle Waddle Waddle PS3Bronze

Shoot 40 penguins with Carmelita.

Tutorial: Obtained by shooting 40 penguins in Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Trophy Airborne Airborne PS3Bronze
Paraglide for at least 10 seconds without using any geysers!
Trophy AncientWarfare3 Ancient Warfare 3 PS3Bronze
Crackshot 10 enemies within 65 seconds.
Trophy CrazedClimber Crazed Climber PS3Bronze

Scale the dragon lair in under 90 seconds.

Tutorial: Obtained by climbing the tower in Mechanical Menace in under 90 seconds
Trophy GoldenArrow Golden Arrow PS3Bronze

Complete the archery minigame without hitting any friendly targets.

Tutorial: Obtained by not shooting any friendly targets in Hard Target
Trophy Downgrade Downgrade PS3Bronze
Complete any Alter Ego without leveling up once.
Trophy RadicalNinja Radical Ninja PS3Bronze
Stealth kill 15 enemies without alerting anyone.
Trophy PayDay PayDay PS3Silver
Purchase every item in ThiefNet.
Trophy HeroTech Hero Tech PS3Bronze

Battle with a secret weapon.

Tutorial: Obtained by unlocking and equipping Ratchet's Wrench or Cole's Amp (50 and 60 Sly Masks, respectively)
Trophy CloudCity Cloud City PS3Silver

Defeat El Jefe on each tower without losing any health.

Tutorial: Obtained by defeating El Jefe in Altitude Sickness without taking any damage
Trophy HassanWouldBeProud Hassan Would Be Proud PS3Silver

Pickpocket a full collection of every item in the game.

Tutorial: Obtained by pickpocketing every piece of loot in the game, including the three pieces from rat troopers
Trophy QuarterCruncher Quarter Cruncher PS3Silver

Unlock all 6 arcade machines.

Tutorial: Obtained by collecting every Treasure in the game
Trophy MarkYourTerritory Mark Your Territory PS3Gold
Collect all the hidden Sly masks.
Trophy 8-BitBentleyStyle 8-Bit Bentley Style PS3Gold
Beat every hideout arcade's top high score.
Trophy FinalChapter Final Chapter? PS3Gold

Complete every job and beat every boss in all the episodes.

Tutorial: Obtained by beating the game


  • The trophy for rescuing Rioichi Cooper, "Family Matters," was originally called "Raccoon Gaiden 2."[1]


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