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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Bosses

Blue Viper Gang

Episode: 1. An Opera of Fear
Mission: Canal Chase
Character Requirement: Bentley (with the help of Sly Cooper)
Bosses Attacks: None
Bosses Weakness(es): Everywhere on their boats

  • This battle takes place in the narrow canal, where you're chasing after the Blue Viper Gondola Gang. There are three members of the gang, and you must take out all three of them (in no significant order) without dying. Be aware that there are wooden and police boats, along with barriers that will try to stop you, along with the fact that your turret can overheat.

Don Octavio

Episode: 1. An Opera of Fear
Mission: Operation: Tar Be Gone!
Character Requirement: Murray (with the help of Sly Cooper)
Bosses Attacks: Fast strikes, fiery song rings (second round only), jump and slam down
Bosses Weakness(es): When in tar, he cannot run, and he will stall for a moment trying to get tar off his feet

Step 1: You are in center square, where the opera stage used to be. Octavio is right across from you. You must go to the center to activate the tar. Once activated, lure Octavio into the tar; that'll slow him down. Once he is there, repeatedly punch him. Octavio will occasionally jump up and slam down, releasing a shockwave in the tar; stay far away from him and jump to avoid any damage. The tar will occasionally stop flowing, which in you must stall until you can activate the tar again. A good way to do so is to bounce on the umbrellas. You will have difficulty punching Octavio without tar, as when you try to punch him, he will jump up, and try to fall onto you.
Step 2: The tar has run out in center square, so you must find a place for more tar. Go to the cop station. Note that Octavio will be following you and try to hit you, so run fast. Once you are at the cop station, you must repeat the same thing as explained in process 1, except that he has a new move; he will sing and shoot out fire rings, in which are hard to jump over, so you must run to the side of them. Otherwise, you must keep punching him while he is in the tar.

Big Dingo

Episode: 2. Rumble Down Under
Mission: Lemon Rage
Character Reqirement: Sly (with help from Bentley and Murray)
Bosses Attacks: He chases you around and will charge at you.
Bosses Weakness: When he is stunned, his legs.

  • In the lemonade bar, a giant rooftop guard with the Mask of Dark Earth on him appears. With you as Sly, run around the bar, making sure you don't get hit by the big guy. One of the two will then occur: Bentley will place a bomb in the middle of the bar, or Murray will have a barrel ready. Lure the guard to one of those, whichever is present, and either the bomb will activate or the barrel will be thrown. The guard will then be stunned, and you have to whack him with your cane about five times before he comes to his senses. Repeat this about 4 times, and the boss will be finished.

Giant Carmelita

Episode: 2. Rumble Down Under
Mission: Operation: Moon Crash
Character Reqirement: The Cooper Gang up to Episode 2 and the big truck
Bosses Attacks: She throws dynamite onto the truck
Bosses Weakness: Chain of the Mask

  • Carmelita is giant! She will throw dynamite barrels at the truck, which will explode about two seconds after they are thrown. You must use the attached claw to pick up and throw back the dynamite at Carmelita. Keep repeating this. You must be quick, as when she has half of her health left, she will throw two and sometimes three dynamite barrels at a time. Once you destroy the Mask of dark earth the Guru joins your team

Muggshot I

Episode: 3. Flight of Fancy
Mission: Cooper Hangar Defense
Character Requirement: Murray
Bosses Attacks: None; he sends Rooftop Guards to do his bidding.
Bosses Weakness: His center, where you hit it with the machine in the center of the hanger.

  • How to beat him: This boss is actually not hard, as there is a machine with a switch. You have to activate the switch, and the machine will go up to Muggshot, hitting him. It will then take about 10 seconds for it to be usable again. You will have to do this five times, and you have beat him. Note that there are an unlimited amount of guards coming in and they will be attacking you.

Muggshot II

Episode: 3. Flight of Fancy
Mission: Beauty and the Beast
Character Requirement: Carmelita
Bosses Attacks: Dynamite sticks, double pistol
Bosses Weakness: Everywhere on his body

  • You start off in the center of Holland, where Muggshot is approaching you. You basically have to shoot him repeatedly with your shock pistol while avoiding the dynamite sticks he'll throw up to you, and, if you're close enough, he will fire his pistol.

Black Baron

Episode: 3. Flight of Fancy
Mission: Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle
Character Requirement: Sly Cooper
Bosses Attacks: Biplane fire, punches, dives, and a big stomp
Bosses Weakness: Everywhere on his body / plane

Step 1: You are fighting the Black Baron in a biplane duel. There are other planes, disguising him, but he is very easy to find; his plane has lights on the side that no other plane has. Just keep shooting him with your turrets until his health depletes.
Step 2: You and the Baron have landed on the wing of his jet, and are about to engage in close combat. He will throw out minor punches, and big punch, which he will wind up. He will also dive onto you. You just basically have to hit him with your cane. Note that your single attacks work better than your Charge Combos. When he has 2 / 3 of his health left, he will almost fall off the plane, hanging onto the tip. Rooftop Guards will appear from inside the plane, and you must hit them off the jet.
Step 3: Once you have hit the guards, the Black Baron will come up again, and you will have keep whacking him with your cane. He will ocassionally jump up, and stomp on the plane wing; all you have to do is double jump when he jumps to avoid this. When he is down to 1/3 of his health, more Rooftop Guards will appear, and you must hit them off the plane.
Step 4: The Black Baron comes back up for more. However, so do the guards. The guards will hit anyone, friend or foe. Basically hit the Baron with the cane again and again until his health is depleted, and the boss is done. The Black Baron is actually Penelope who will become a member of the Cooper gang

General Tsao

Episode: 4. A Cold Alliance
Mission: Laptop Retrieval
Character Requirement: Sly Cooper
Bosses Attacks: Shield Blades, Black Magic
Bosses Weakness: Everywhere on his body except his shield

The first part of this battle is a treetop battle. You are in a sacred battleground above a waterfall, and the bottom is shrouded in fog. Your jump will push you forward in a line like a ninja, and your double jump will allow you to change directions. However, if you use your cane while flying, you can't use it during the rest of the jump. Mainly, just stay away from Tsao's magic bullets and be sure to attack him while he is flying.

The second part takes place on the bottom of the forest you're in. The ancestral energy from above no longer affects any of you, so it's really only a matter of striking him when you can, and avoid his attacks. He may use the spinning spikes hidden inside his shield in close quarters, or he will summon a magical dragon head that will charge at you. Occasionally, he'll also summon underground hands that will attack you; you can avoid this attack by garbbing on to the many trees in the area. Do remember that whenever you're climbing on a tree, Tsao will try to knock it down.

Sly Cooper

Episode: 4. A Cold Alliance
Mission: A Battery of Peril
Character Requirement: Carmelita (with the help of Sly Cooper and Bentley)
Bosses Attacks: None
Bosses Weakness: Everywhere on his body.

Ancient Dragon

Episode: 4. A Cold Alliance
Mission: Operation: Wedding Crasher
Character Requirement: Sly Cooper
Bosses Attacks: Fire balls, fire waves, crushing hands
Bosses Weakness: His face

The final boss of chapter 4, Tsao's summoned dragon will be taking to the skies. You'll want to locate one of the firework rockets spread out through the map, and latch onto them to launch yourself up to the dragon's altitude. Once there, you'll want to use your parachute to glide onto his back, where you'll have to jump on the small spikes situated there. Follow the line of spikes, jumping on them until you reach his head. From there, start beating his face as you dodge his attacks. If you fall off, just locate another firework rocket and get at him again. The rockets respawn, so don't worry about running out.

Pirate Ship Bosses

Episode: 5. Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mission: Various Ship Battles
Character Requirement: Sly Cooper
Bosses Attacks: Swords, guns (just like a normal guard, only with a health meter)
Bosses Weakness: Everywhere on them

When you deplete the health of the only remaining ship of a pirate group, you can choose to board it. When you do, a mini-boss battle will occur. You'll face the captain of the ship along with his minions, so stay on the defence. The third level spin attack is effective here, as it can hit many enemies at once.


Episode: 5. Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mission: Crusher From the Depths
Character Requirement: Panda King, Sly Cooper
Bosses Attacks: Tentacle Slam, Fireballs
Bosses Weakness: His tentacles (during phases 1 and 3), head (during phases 2 and 4), and eyes (during final phase)

Crusher will slam his tentacles on ship's deck in an attempt to flatten you. As Panda King, you must launch fireworks at each tentacles that appear for about 5 times. Crusher will now emerge head-first. He will also attack you with a barrage of fireballs. Dodge his fireballs and concentrate on hitting his head with your fireworks. Now, he will try to drag the ship you are on under water. Lock on each tentacles and hit them with your fireworks until the third phase ends. He will now attack you with both his tentacles and fireballs. Still, try to attack his head with your fireworks. Now, he will emerge fully with numerous tentacles. Sly will now take over. As Sly, whack his tentacles when they hit the ship's deck. This will cause him to move to the deck, allowing you to hit the eyes with the ship's cannons. Hit his eyes three times and the boss will be defeated.

Captain LeFwee

Episode: 5. Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mission: Operation: Reverse Double-Cross
Character Requirement: Penelope
Bosses Attacks: Downward and sideway sword strikes
Bosses Weakness: His chest

This will be a pretty special boss fight. You'll be playing as Penelope, and you can't fight LeFwee freely right now. You'll have to beat him in a fair and square sword fight.

At the first stage, LeFwee will only use lower attacks. He'll rear back his sword and strike at you, so jump with either the X button or up on the left analog stick in order to jump his attack. When he takes off his hat and covers his midsection with his blade, hit the triangle button to knock him back. He'll then go back to attacking with low strikes, so keep jumping and striking with triangle until he falls off the mast.

The second stage of this fight is similar, yet different. LeFwee will now only use upper attacks instead, so you'll have to duck to avoid his attacks. When he takes off his hat again, and raises his blade over his head, hit the square button to stab him in the gut, knocking him back. Repeat the process of dodging his attacks and attacking when you can.

The third phase is where it gets tricky. LeFwee will use a mix of both attack types, and there's no special pattern he'll use. Just remember that if he rears back his sword at a low point, jump his attack. If he spins his sword in the air, duck to avoid it. If he holds the blade low, hit triangle. If he holds it high, hit the square button. It's tricky to remember which one is which, but you'll get it eventually.

Mutant Primate

Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
Mission: Carmelita to the Rescue
Character Requirement: Carmelita
Bosses Attacks: Throwing guards, pounding his hands
Bosses Weakness: His head, where Dr. M is

Mutant Fish

Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
Mission: The Dark Current
Character Requirement: Dimitri
Bosses Attacks: Horizontal and vertical bombs, tentacles, mouth, laser detection guns
Bosses Weakness: The "bulb" on top of the fish.(where Dr. M is)

When facing the bombs, try to see in which direction it blows,swim to avoid the blast. The tentacles are used to make it harder for you to swim away from the bombs. Sometimes, if you have escaped the bombs for a time, the mutant fish will try to eat you with its mouth. To defend, fire at Dr.M as the red shield, (which makes him take less damage) goes down, then the fish gives up. At the last stage of its health it is using laser guns, but it's have to charge, and while he is doing that, shoot them and it will get stunned. Then give one final blast to defeat it.

Whale Fly

Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
Mission: Danger in the Skies
Character Requirement: Sly/plane
Bosses Attacks: Glass-like lasers, homing missiles
Bosses Weakness: His tail, where Dr. M is

Dr. M

Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
Mission: Final Legacy
Character Requirement: Sly and Carmelita
Bosses Attacks: Water Charge, Electric Charge, Fire Charge, Water bubble, Electric ball, Fire blasts, Tracking Laser, Fire balls Slams of Water, Electric, or a Fire Shockwave
Bosses Weakness: Everywhere on his body, except at certain points

Jump as far as you can up the lasers. Slide down and adjust yourself if he fires a blast at you. When you get to the end of the laser, jump onto the platform and hit him several times. Rinse and repeat until he has a sliver of health left. At this point Carmelita will jump in, and control will switch to her. This part is incredibly easy, just shoot him until is he is defeated, dodging blasts as necessary. Congratulations, you have completed Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves!

Added Members

After you defeat the final boss of an episode, a new member will be recruited (or re-recurited in one case) to the Cooper Gang, except in Episode 6.

  • Murray rejoins the gang after you defeat Don Octavio.
  • Guru joins after you destroy the Mask of Dark Earth.
  • Penelope joins after you defeat her in her Black Baron persona.
  • Panda King joins after the Stone Dragon and General Tsao are defeated.
  • Dimitri joins the gang after the LeFwee sword duel.

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