The following are trophies that can be earned in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Trophies were created for Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves for its inclusion in The Sly Collection. The original game was on PlayStation 2, and therefore did not have trophies, but at the time of release for the Collection, trophies were mandatory by Sony Computer Entertainment for all PlayStation 3 releases.


Trophy MasterThief Master Thief PS3Platinum
Unlock all trophies in Sly Cooper's final outing. . .final? Really?
Trophy SoGangWhat'sNext So Gang What's Next? PS3Gold

Defeat Dr. M

Tutorial: None.
Trophy ObsessiveRaccoon Obsessive Raccoon PS3Gold
Complete 75% of the game
Trophy Loot2 Loot! PS3Gold
Collect 2,500 coins
Trophy OMGAFlyingTurtle OMG A Flying Turtle! PS3Gold

Purchase Hover Pack

Tutorial: None.
Trophy 100PureCooper 100% Pure Cooper PS3Gold

Complete 100% of the game

Tutorial: Complete all jobs and all Master Thief Challenges, including Treasure Hunts
Trophy BeatDown Beat Down PS3Silver

Defeat Octavio

Tutorial: Acquired during "Operation: Tar-Be Gone!"
Trophy MaydayMayday Mayday, Mayday PS3Silver

Defeat the Black Baron

Tutorial: None.
Trophy DiggingUpABone Digging Up a Bone PS3Silver

Defeat Muggshot

Tutorial: None.
Trophy DragonPunch Dragon Punch PS3Silver

Defeat Chinese Dragon

Tutorial: None.
Trophy TentacleTerror Tentacle Terror PS3Silver

Defeat Crusher

Tutorial: None.
Trophy TakingOutTheTrash Taking Out the Trash PS3Silver

Defeat LeFwee

Tutorial: None.
Trophy PinkPowerMurrayFighter Pink Power Murray Fighter PS3Silver

Purchase Diablo Fire Slam

Tutorial: None.
Trophy EarnYourStripes Earn Your Stripes PS3Silver
Complete 50% of the game
Trophy TheVault The Vault PS3Bronze

Complete prologue

Tutorial: None.
Trophy IntimateMoments Intimate Moments PS3Bronze

Get close to Carmelita

Tutorial: Acquired during "Police HQ"
Trophy UndercoverRaccoon Undercover Raccoon PS3Bronze

Use a Sly disguise in Venice

Tutorial: Acquired during "Guard Duty"
Trophy UnleashTheGuru Unleash the Guru PS3Bronze

Meet the Guru

Tutorial: Acquired during "Search for the Guru"
Trophy ScorpionCleaner Scorpion Cleaner PS3Bronze

Dump off the truckload of scorpions

Tutorial: None.
Trophy TrueFriendship True Friendship PS3Bronze

Slow down Dr. M as Murray

Tutorial: None.
Trophy RomanticBoatRide Romantic Boat Ride PS3Bronze

Complete the canal boat chase in Venice

Tutorial: Acquired during "Canal Chase"
Trophy It'sHalloween It's Halloween PS3Bronze

Defeat mask-powered Carmelita

Tutorial: None.
Trophy IThinkSheLikesYou I Think She Likes You PS3Bronze

Ask Penelope for help

Tutorial: None.
Trophy LastCall Last Call PS3Bronze

Finish the bar room brawl

Tutorial: None.
Trophy VampireExterminator Vampire Exterminator PS3Bronze

Stop the vampires

Tutorial: None.
Trophy HugItOut Hug It Out PS3Bronze

Complete Dynamic Duo

Tutorial: None.
Trophy LateSleeper Late Sleeper PS3Bronze

Purchase the Alarm Clock

Tutorial: Purchase the Alarm Clock.
Trophy TheBends The Bends PS3Bronze

Collect Dimitri's diving gear

Tutorial: None.
Trophy PennyPincer Penny Pincher PS3Bronze
Collect 500 coins
Trophy CoinCollector Coin Collector PS3Bronze
Collect 1,000 coins
Trophy RaccoonParaglider Raccoon Paraglider PS3Bronze

Obtain the Paraglider

Tutorial: Purchase the Paraglider or play "Cops and Robbers"
Trophy EveryoneNeedsAFoxyLady Everyone Needs a Foxy Lady PS3Bronze

Carmelita to the rescue again

Tutorial: None.
Trophy SlytankhamenApproved Slytankhamen Approved PS3Bronze

Purchase Shadow Power Level 2

Tutorial: None.
Trophy WhirlwindOfAwesome Whirlwind of Awesome PS3Bronze

Purchase Spin Attack Level 3

Tutorial: None.
Trophy JumpKickLikeAPlumber Jump Kick Like A Plumber PS3Bronze

Purchase Jump Attack Level 3

Tutorial: None.
Trophy BentleyPlumbing Bentley Plumbing PS3Bronze

Destroy pumps

Tutorial: Acquired during "Operation: Tar-Be Gone!"