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This is a list of all known cheats, exploits and glitches for Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Gadget Name Code (Press StartButton before entering) Gadget Effect Notes
TOM LeftButton LeftButton DownButton RightButton LeftButton RightButton Attracts guards to itself
Time Rush DownButton DownButton UpButton DownButton RightButton LeftButton Speeds up the clock
Mega Jump RightButton LeftButton RightButton LeftButton R1Button LeftButton Makes you jump very high Must have 100% completion
  • There will be a sound cue indicating that you entered the code correctly.
  • These are all specific to Sly.

The way to access these videos is the same, the episode number just changes. To access a video, complete the corresponding episode (beat the boss or complete the final mission; vaults are not necessary) then go to the episode menu and hover over that episode. After a few seconds, a small blinking police badge icon will appear in the bottom right corner and start blinking, along with an icon representing SquareButton. Press SquareButton and the screen will go black for a moment before playing the bonus video.

The videos for episodes 3, 5, and 7 are not available in The Sly Collection.

Retreat to safe house
Episode # Code
Restart current LeftButton R1Button UpButton DownButton UpButton LeftButton
Tutorial RightButton LeftButton UpButton UpButton UpButton R1Button
1 DownButton R1Button LeftButton RightButton R1Button DownButton
2 R1Button LeftButton RightButton R1Button LeftButton DownButton
3 UpButton LeftButton RightButton LeftButton DownButton UpButton
4 UpButton RightButton RightButton UpButton LeftButton LeftButton
5 LeftButton R1Button DownButton DownButton UpButton RightButton
6 DownButton UpButton R1Button R1Button LeftButton DownButton
7 LeftButton LeftButton LeftButton DownButton DownButton R1Button
8 DownButton UpButton LeftButton LeftButton R1Button RightButton
Level Select

Note: you must have a new game file or have not yet started the game. Load your highest % file. Go to any of the highest episode. After you exit the safe house, pause the game and enter: RightButton R1Button DownButton R1Button DownButton DownButton

After that, start a new game, complete the tutorial level and you'll have all episodes and all buy-able power-ups and gadgets.


Multiple episodes

Episode reset glitch
  • Episode 3

If you enter the building where Spice Grinder Destruction took place in Episode 3 and then die, the episode will be reset from that point. So you will have to do all jobs from the Spice Grinding Facility to the Boss Battle with Rajan to get back your percentage.

  • Episode 7

The same thing also happens if you die in the building where the Laser Redirection mission starts; you will have to do the missions from Laser Redirection to the Boss Battle with Jean Bison to get back your percentage.

Safe house glitch
  • Episode 1

In Episode 1, walk towards the peacock sign and turn toward the Safe House. There should be three windows. Go toward the middle window, and Mega-Jump into the top left-hand corner. You should be able to walk under the roof, and fall in to the Safe House. You can leave by going out the door.

  • Episode 2

In Episode 2, Mega-Jump onto the arch by the left of the Safe House. Mega-Jump onto the cliff, and walk left until you are under a cave (the Safe House). Jump or Mega-Jump off the cliff as far as you can go, and paraglide in a circle back into the cave. To exit the Safe House, walk down the pathway until you get to the second to last step. You will be teleported into the Safe House. Bentley can also get in Episodes 1 and 2 safe houses as well. But not in Episode 7. To get into the Safe House in Episode 1 you need the hover pack equipped. Go to the same place you went with Sly and use the hover pack to get close to the window. Use the hover pack again to get inside by the window. In Episode 2 do the falling through the ground glitch with Sly, come back to the Safe House and pick up Bentley. Bentley'll do a mega jump to the top of the Safe House. Walk to the place you went with Sly and use your hover pack to get in.

  • Episode 7

In Episode 7, walk under the Safe House and there should be cleats. You will need full health to do this glitch. Jump on one cleat then jump in the water. You should be inside the safe house. To exit go out the door. Note that you might have to attempt at this several times.

A Shadow from the Past

Explore Cairo

You must be Sly and have 100% to do this glitch.

Use the level warp cheat for Cairo (RightButton LeftButton UpButton UpButton UpButton R1Button). Then, use the Mega-Jump cheat (RightButton LeftButton RightButton LeftButton R1Button LeftButton). Go to the power-up menu and equip the Mega-Jump gadget and the Knockout Dive gadget. If you face away from the front of the lobby (where the large glass windows are), you can see a wall light to the right of the stairs. Mega-Jump above it, and you will land on top of the wall. Face the wall and use the Knockout Dive gadget. Sly will pop out of the room and into empty space. You can now explore freely, though there are many places that you can still take fall damage or get stuck.

A Starry Eyed Encounter

Guard glitch

When as Murray in episode 2, if you have the Atlas Strength, you can actually take a guard into the safe house and when you do this, the guard ends up on Murray's head and sometimes can be in the background of the safe house.

The Predator Awakes

Rajan blueprint glitch

In episode 3 when doing the job "Leading Rajan", you can place a bomb next to Rajan right before you steal the last blueprint, and then it says "Job Failed" but you can't continue or complete the job, since Rajan already ate the last watermelon. However, Rajan will continue to walk around and you can still fail by getting caught by him.

Bentley's barrel glitch

In Episode 3, you have to play as Bentley in the Spice Grinder Destruction level. When you are at the beginning, there should be the TNT barrels nearby. Simply throw a Trigger Bomb either on top the barrel, or on the chute where the barrels come out. Jump in, and double-jump out immediately. This should trigger Bentley to fly out of the map. When this happens, you have to wait for a 2-10 minute period until the map reappears, but far away. Try to aim your landing so that you fall on the map, otherwise, you go into limbo.


Bentley kills the Contessa

To do this glitch you must have the jetpack. As Bentley, head up to the first mission of the episode, Eavesdrop on Contessa. The mission starts on top of a satellite dish, which must be reached by bouncing on a spider web. While you are in the air, above the dish, and therefore, the mission, drop a bomb by pressing TriangleButton, then land on the mission start. The video for the mission will play, and when it is over, Bentley will no longer be using the Binocucom, and he will have fallen off of the satellite dish, allowing free movement. Use the jetpack to fly over and on top of the wall, where the Contessa will be. Wait until she lands in front of Bentley, and then attack her how you like. Eventually, the Contessa will die.

He Who Tames the Iron Horse

Train jump

In episode 6, go outside as any character and go to a train track. Wait for a train, and when one comes, jump on it. When you are approaching the end,(the train tunnels cut off by an electric wall) fall through the gap between cars. When you reach the electric wall, you will be squished between the electric wall and the train car, and due to the collision detection, you will be sent flying up in the air. You will sometimes die, but you will usually fall back to the area. If playing as Sly, you can use the paraglider, and fly all over Canada.

Bentley's super jump

This glitch requires you to be Bentley. In Episode 6, there's a boat near the safe house. Walk towards it and there is a gap between the boat and the dock. Jump in the gap. Due to the programmed animation, it will be as if Bentley is jumping out of water. However, since he isn't, he will instead jump to a great height. Note that you might have to attempt at this glitch several times.

Carmelita "dancing" glitch

Select the music box power up as Sly and throw it within range of Carmelita. Rather than falling asleep like the guards do, she will appear to take damage, as there is no instance where Carmelita would need to fall asleep. This will continue as long as the music box is active.

Scared Carmelita

In Episode 6, if you bring Carmelita to the hideout door, and as fast as you can, you switch to Murray and use Guttural Roar, Carmelita will run. If before she stops running away you switch to Sly, she will not attack you at all. Switch back to Murray and she will run away from him. Use the power-up again to deactivate. Also works in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Menace from the North, eh!

Infinite loot exploit

While not a glitch, there is an exploit that can be used in the mission "RC Combat Club" to obtain an infinite amount of loot.

As soon as Murray hides in the barrel and you take control of Sly, pick the pockets of the three guards that are on the ground floor. On average, two of them will have loot in their pockets, which will be either the Medium Nugget, Large Gold Bar, Sapphire, Ruby, Medium Necklace or Large Necklace. Since the mission is based around stealth, walking into the guards' flashlights will fail the mission, resetting the guards and the loot in their pockets, but after completing the mission and going to the Safe House, you will have all of the loot you pickpocketed.

Note: After completing the mission, you can continue to do the exploit, but since you will no longer be playing a stealth mission, you must exit and reenter the cabin to reset the guards and their loot.

Anatomy for Disaster

Jumping off Clock-La

In Episode 8, During the Mega-Jump Job to activate the radio towers, you can jump on top of Clock-la. While on top of her, she will fly all around, and below the blimp. When she is under the blimp, you might get hit by the lower portion of the propeller centered in the blimp and will cause you to fall off of Clock-la (or for this to work you could just jump/walk of off Clock-la when she is under the blimp). When this happens, occasionally you will reappear to the very spot under the blimp where you fell off, and endlessly fall into a void of emptiness as the blimp vanishes from sight. You will have to abandon the job, or return to the main menu to restore yourself.

Invisible Mega Jump

In Episode 8, after you beat the second to last job, if you access your Power-up Menu, you can see the assigned button where the Mega Jump power-up should be, but the Mega Jump icon is not there. If you exit out of the Power-up menu and press the "assigned button", you can still Mega Jump. If you die during Carmelita's Gunner, however, Mega Jump will not be available for you when you have to ride the debris to Clock-La.

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