Due to technical restrictions, this page is named Sly & Bentley Conspire. The correct, in-game name is Sly/Bentley Conspire.
To disable that engine room you and I are going to have to work together.
— Bentley explaining the mission to Sly[src]

"Sly/Bentley Conspire" was a job for Sly Cooper and Bentley in Anatomy for Disaster of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Background Edit

To prevent Clock-La from drawing power from the blimp, Sly and Bentley team up to disable engine block beta.


The first thing Sly needs to do here is pickpocket five keys from patrolling guards to unlock the engine room for Bentley.

After stealing the keys, he unlocks the engine room, and Bentley heads inside. Murray, who is at the safe house, is looking at the blueprints and tells Bentley that he needs to shoot out all of the rotating pairs of bulbs with his sleep darts. The only catch is he needs to completely shoot out one pair before shooting another, or a power surge will occur and zap him. Once that is accomplished, he gains access to the second floor, where he needs to use his bombs to destroy the power nodes to open the door to the control center.