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Conner Cooper[note 1] was a member of the Cooper Clan and the leader of the Original Cooper Gang who ultimately met his demise at the hands of the Fiendish Five in 1992. He was Sly Cooper's father and was married.


Before the birth of his son, Conner traveled the world with Jim McSweeney and Dr. M, the former of which he was very close friends with, conducting robberies and showing amateur thieves "how things were done."[1] One heist in particular, where Conner stole the world's largest diamond, made him legendary.[2]

After Sly was born, Conner hid his fortune in the Cooper Vault on Kaine Island, wanting to keep it safe for Sly until he grew up. When Sly was three years old, Conner and McSweeney met at a museum in Italy, where the former entrusted the latter with the map to Kaine Island.[1]

Some time later, Conner made his own journey to the Cooper Vault, and added his own knowledge and wealth to his ancestors', one of which was a technique developed by him that allowed one to slide across lasers.[3]

Death and legacy

Connor shadow

Conner Cooper fighting the Fiendish Five.

Conner raised Sly to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. He told him about the Thievius Raccoonus, a book detailing the Cooper Clan's skills and accomplishments, and how Sly was to inherit it when he turned eight.[4]

On the night Conner was to bequeath the Thievius Raccoonus, five mysterious visitors invaded his home. He fought, but ultimately failed to defend himself and Sly from the Fiendish Five and was killed. The Fiendish Five located the Thievius Raccoonus and divided it among themselves before leaving.[4]

Sly was the only one left alive from the attack on his home. He was taken to the Happy Camper Orphanage, where he met his future partners, Bentley and Murray. Together, they formed the Cooper Gang, mirroring Conner's trio of himself, McSweeney, and Dr. M. Ten years later, Sly avenged his father's death by defeating each member of the Fiendish Five and their leader, Clockwerk.[5] Three years after that, Sly learned the laser slide while exploring the Cooper Vault.[3]


Physical appearance

Conner Cooper resembled Sly in almost every fashion, wearing a similar shirt, belt, gloves and hat as well as using the same cane. In his downtime he enjoyed wearing slippers and smoking a pipe,[4] though he was seen smoking this pipe in during a heist in a cutscene near the end of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which was also the first time his face was seen, though nothing particular can be determined about it due to the stylization, other than it resembled Sly's face.[2]


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As a member of the Cooper Clan, Conner was a thief of many talents. He was also very physically able, being able to battle the Fiendish Five by himself (despite losing in the end). He also developed a technique for sliding on lasers that he did not write inside the Thievius Raccoonus, a move that Sly later learned during his venture through the Cooper Vault.[3]

Several of his other specialties were also shown in the objects he left in the Cooper Vault. By his cane pedestal was a microscope, implying an interest in science, and a computer he left in the vault showed "Hello World..." on its screen, implying an interest in computer programming.[3] For how clever Conner was, Sly once mentioned that his father was not a big fan of grammar or English.[6]


SLY EPIB sc000 v01

Conner Cooper, standing by Cyrille Le Paradox's father.

  • His face is never shown in the first three games; all that is ever seen is a portrait of him with Sly sitting on his lap with the top part of the portrait hidden or missing. A cutscene near the end of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time shows Conner, but because of the stylization, nothing can be determined about his appearance, other than he resembles Sly.
  • He seemed to be in a sort of competition with the Le Paradox Clan of thieves. Le Paradox's father had planned to steal the world's largest diamond and frame Conner Cooper, but the latter got there first, leading to the former's arrest. This caused Cyrille Le Paradox to have a great hatred for the Cooper Clan.
  • Conner Cooper was not officially named until 2010, when the official strategy guide for The Sly Collection was released by BradyGames.[7]

Notes and references


  1. Sly Cooper's father was named as "Conner" on page 280 of The Sly Collection Official Strategy Guide, released in 2010 by BradyGames. According to Prima Games, a company which BradyGames merged with in 2013, the term "official" in the title of the guide means that the game's publisher (Sony Computer Entertainment) has approved of the content disclosed within.


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