The Skull Temple was an alligator skull-shaped temple located in the Haitian Jungle, where Mz. Ruby resided. From the Skull Temple, she could coordinate the production of ghosts in her Ghost Production Facility down below.


The temple was filled with bird houses and the same green goo that was used to create the ghost rats. The Skull Temple also served as an arena during the boss fight with Mz. Ruby. Sly had to get inside the place by hopping onto the couldrin lid of a voodoo egg beater, which would create enough steam pressure to launch him up there.

A Deadly Dance Edit

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Sly encountered Mz. Ruby once he entered the temple. When Sly had to make his way to her the very first time, the mouth of the temple would open and close. Sly had to avoid being crushed by the teeth to get through safely.

The two then engaged in a game of Voodoo Simon Says. There were three rounds in which Sly had to dodge Mz. Ruby's attacks. In each round, while dodging her attacks. In the first round, Sly had to ride on top of Mz. Ruby's turtle servant, Chumley, to get to her. In the second round, he had to spire jump on several totem poles, raising higher and higher as he gets closer to her. In the final round, he hopped onto a mosquito and had to dodge Mz. Ruby's attacks more quickly.

Once Mz. Ruby was defeated, she and her voodoo children were arrested by Carmelita Fox and her Skull Temple was abandoned.