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Rajan: This is it? This is the Cooper Gang I've heard so much about and feared these long hours?
Murray: "The Murray" will renew your fear.
Rajan: Who's "The Murray"? All I see is a fat pathetic weakling.
Murray: I might be big and not as smart as the other guys... but one thing I'm not... is WEAK!

— Rajan and Murray, just before they battle[src]

"Showdown with Rajan" was a job in Episode 3: The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and a continuation of "Operation: Wet Tiger."


Get the remaining piece of the Clockwerk heart from Rajan.
— In-game description[src]

Rajan has finally come out of hiding after flooding his temple. Now, it's time to defeat him and snatch the second half of the Clockwerk Heart.


  • Get to Rajan
  • Defeat Rajan
  • Get the half of the Clockwerk Heart


Part 1 (Sly)

Neyla will now show up as she wants to bring Rajan to justice for his crimes. Sly says he is just here for the Clockwerk heart. He says to Neyla that if she helps him bring Rajan down then the bust is all hers. Follow her to Rajan's position with the Ninja Spire Jump while avoiding the lightning that Rajan throws at Sly.

Part 2 (Murray)

Once Sly makes it to where Rajan and Neyla are, Neyla will finally show her true colors, by fleeing and leaving Sly when he needs her to attack Rajan. Rajan then attacks a defenseless Sly with his lightning attack, knocking Sly out. Murray hears what happened and rushes over to where Sly is to help him. Unfortunately, he gets trapped in an electrified ring that Rajan creates.

Rajan is shocked that this is the Cooper gang he has been fearing for hours. Murray declares to Rajan that he will renew his fear, but Rajan calls him a weakling. Murray admits he is big and not as smart as the others, but he is not weak. Murray will now engage a battle against Rajan. At first all he can do is throw a punch whenever Murray can and avoid his staff attacks. Rajan is a tough cookie and his health depletes rather slowly. Rajan also has an electrical attack, but this can easily be avoided by jumping on lily pads and gives the opportunity to land a few hits. After Murray take out about a quarter of Rajan's health, he will summon a batch of guards to help him out, and although they make it more difficult some can replenish his health when defeated, and if Murray throws a guard at Rajan, he will fall down, and then Murray can throw Rajan into the electrical fence which will cause much more damage to Rajan. Continue in this way until Rajan's health reaches zero. Rajan then gets knocked out and Murray then obtains the Clockwerk heart half that Rajan has been keeping with him. But it's not over yet.

Wet Tiger Ending

Neyla betrays the Cooper Gang and Carmelita

Neyla then appears above and Murray asks for a ladder as Sly is hurt badly. Unfortunately Neyla betrays Sly and Murray and gets them arrested to the Contessa along with Rajan. The Contessa commends Neyla for her work as she captured the Cooper gang in a just few days while Carmelita has never been able to arrest them. Carmelita is left without much to say and the Contessa tells her to just accept her defeat gracefully. Neyla then betrays Carmelita by claiming she was in league with the Cooper gang. Carmelita knowing that is not true demands proof. Neyla then shows a photo from the party Rajan had to the Contessa as proof. Believing that to be enough proof that Carmelita was in league with the Cooper gang, The Contessa orders her guards to arrest Carmelita. Carmelita swears to Neyla as she is being arrested that she'll get her. The Contessa calls it a pity when an officer falls from the light and Neyla agrees. Bentley who is shocked and angry at what Neyla did is now all alone by himself.

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