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"Short Supply" was a job for Murray, Sly Cooper and Sir Galleth Cooper in Of Mice and Mechs of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Sly, Murray and Sir Galleth revisit the local shops to shut down their converted operations.[1]


Murray entered the Slippery Toad tavern, which was used for producing Mech Wolf fuel and guarded by Rat Troopers. Murray destroyed the various fuel vats by throwing Rat Troopers and Mace Hedgehogs at them. Once all three vats were destroyed, the mech wolves would have nowhere to refuel.

Next, Sly re-entered the shoemaker shop, where the Black Knight was manufacturing giant parts of an unknown machine. Sly made his way to the second level of the shop and used the Archer Costume to clear the gaps above a large pool of molten metal. He found the device controlling the machines, and Bentley was able to hack into it remotely. Once he did, the machines shut down and the manufacturing of the parts was stopped.

Galleth visited the final shop: the bakery. He made his way to the second floor where the generator—the main source of power for the other shops—was. The generator was surrounded by three smaller sub-generators, which needed to be destroyed in order to shut down the main device. Galleth used the Catapult Crash Technique to take out the three generators and escape the shop before the main generator blew up.

With all of the shops' operations shut down, the job was complete.[1]


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