Murray: My master spends most of his time up there in that cave, overlooking the valley and contemplating the depths of deepness. I really appreciate you breaking the news too him that I want to break off my training.
Sly: No problem pal, I'm looking forward to meeting him. Anybody you call "master" must be a heck of a guy.
— Talking about the Guru[src]

"Search for the Guru" was a job for Sly Cooper during Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


After arriving in the Outback, the gang must search for the Guru, whose current whereabouts are unknown.


Murray directs Sly to a small cave, which he claims to be where the Guru spends most of his time, overlooking the valley and contemplating the depths of deepness. Sly is looking forward to meeting him, as he finds him to be an interesting guy, seeing how Murray always calls him "Master."

Sly scales the wall and gets to the cave, only to find it empty. He asks Murray if he has any idea where else he may be. Murray points Sly to his hut on the far northern end of the Outback.  Sly heads over to the hut and he also finds it empty. He then comes to the conclusion that the Guru may be fighting someone of something off, and may have gotten himself captured in the process. Murray agrees, explaining how insane the miners act, and how peaceful the Guru would act, only to make them more ticked. Sly asks him where he thinks the miners may have taken him. Murray, having no idea the Guru was captured, starts to panic. Sly gets Bentley on the line. Bentley suggests that Sly should head up to the makeshift stockade, which is where the Guru may be. He must scale the cliffs to get up there. Bentley warns him about the gyrocopter hovering around the area, as he is positive it is what exposed the Guru.

Sly makes his way up to the stockade and finally finds the Guru. He explains to him that Murray is looking to be released from training and return to the gang. Sly insists on busting him out, but the Guru refuses to leave without his walking staff and moonstone. He also wants to meet with both Bentley and Murray individually before he can escape imprisonment. Sly heads back to the safe house for their next plan.