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Ancient Arabia is a peninsula situated north-east of Africa. This land of magic genies, flying carpets and lost treasures was where Sly Cooper's Arabian ancestor, Salim al Kupar, resided.[1]

Sly met his ancestor here while on their journey through time to retrieve the missing pages of the Thievius Raccoonus. Sly discovered that Salim was planning to retire soon, but recent events had ended that plan. Sly had to goad the retiree back into action so that he could assist him in restoring the Cooper legacy.



  • Palms
  • Boats
  • Bugs
  • Statue of Ms. Decibel above a fountain
  • Tightropes
  • Arabian palace
  • Salim's Lamp shop
  • Flying carpets shop
  • Flying carpets
  • A beach
  • Lizards
  • Clue Bottles
  • Secret Sly Masks
  • Hideout (Called the "Safe House" in previous games)



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