I tell ya Bentley, it's going to be a real pleasure robbing this Nightclub.
— Sly, enthusiastic about stealing from Dimitri[src]

"Satellite Sabotage" was a job for Sly Cooper in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It was the first job in this episode.

Background Edit

Sly needs to redirect a few satellite dishes, so the gang can access Dimitri's database.


After exiting the safe house, Sly climbs onto the roof and pulls out his binocucom. He shows enthusiasm at the thought of robbing the nightclub, and Bentley shares it, but before they hit the inside, they will need to do a little reconnaissance work. Bentley directs Sly to the antenna on top of the Safehouse, and explains that he installed it to help with their first job, hacking into Dimitri's communications array. Bentley has Sly make his way to a set of coordinates in order to receive the full mission briefing.

After Sly gets to the location, Bentley explains to him that hacking into Dimitri's communications array will give them access to his database. Sly asks how they will do this and Bentley states that he can start by getting to the top of the water tower.

After climbing the water tower, Bentley tells Sly that there are three satellite dishes throughout the city that need to be re-positioned. The first is on the water tower. Sly activates the panel on the satellite which changes its direction from skyward to aiming at the safe house antenna. Sly then continues around the city and re-positions the other two antennas. After re-positioning the third antenna, Bentley calls Sly on his binocucom and tells him that they are now receiving information from the communications array. With that done, Bentley then directs Sly to his next job.