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Concept art of Sly in the Samurai Costume.

Roger that, just call me "Samurai Sly."
— Sly to Bentley[src]

The Samurai Costume is a costume in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that is acquired in Feudal Japan. The costume is impervious to flames, an ability which is necessary in order to defeat El Jefe during that particular encounter. A large shield that is equipped while wearing the costume allows Sly Cooper to deflect fireballs back at the attacker, an ability that it used to open special doors, destroy some security systems and daze El Jefe. A drawback of using this costume is that it is heavy and its weight slows Sly down while wearing it and also makes it impossible to jump.


Forged long ago for a great general, this heavy armor was made to "battle even demon enemies." Its unique construction withstands the fiercest flames, while its shield can reflect fireballs!
— In-game description[src]

The main reason for obtaining this suit of armor is to evade a guard who is blocking the only entrance to the Imperial Prison where Rioichi Cooper is being held captive. There are three pieces to the suit of armor and each part needs to be pickpocketed from a different guard. These pieces are:

  • The Helmet
  • The Leggings
  • The Chestplate

To fool the guard guarding the Imperial Prison, Sly said that he is "Major Muggshot" which now is his nickname as the samurai.



  • Sanzaru possibly got the Samurai Suit idea from Rioichi Cooper's section of the Cooper Vault, because a suit of samurai armor is seen there in "The Ancestors' Gauntlet."
  • In concept art, Sly is seen holding a giant bamboo bow, a sheathed katana and a quiver of arrows. In gameplay, he just has a shield. 
  • The samurai costume is one of two costumes in the game that will actually fool guards, but only in its respective episode. The other is the Sabertooth Costume, which will fool guards in every episode if Sly is laying flat on the ground (impersonating a rug), regardless of whether or not he is moving.