Sabertooth Costume

Sly in his Sabertooth Costume

The Sabertooth Costume is a costume in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, obtained in Clan of the Cave Raccoon. It was obtained by Sly Cooper who needed it in order to save Bob Cooper.


Wearing this costume slows Sly down, but allows him to leap across great distances and also take out guards with the pouncing ability. When in range of a pounce target, you press the R2 button to play dead, then the X button to leap to the post.

Also, while "playing dead," guards in any level will not notice you, even if you are moving. It has sharp claws that allows for extra traction.

Unexpected TiesEdit

In this mission, Sly acquires the costume in a room after stealing a key from Grizz. Sly uses it to take out the guards on the platforms surrounding the piece of land the guards were restraining Bob Cooper on.



  • In an in-game cutscene with a pair of flashlight guards, they mention another guard named Joe getting Grizz so mad that he turned him into a coat for Le Paradox. It is possible that this coat is Joe's.
  • This is the only costume that is not used in a boss battle.
  • This costume's skin is that of a Sabertooth tiger guard.
  • The leap was similar to Leaping Dragon Technique developed by Rioichi Cooper only the difference is it can be used on solid ground.
  • While playing dead, Sly sticks his tongue out and crosses his eyes.