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I have no idea what you're saying. And your suit sucks!
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Sly: That explosive had some kick.
Bentley: It was a child compared to this ferocious beast! Don't dilly-dally with this one, it's got a longer fuse but you've got farther to run.
Sly: "Ferocious beast"?
Bentley: Run Sly, run! Fear the beast!
— Discussing the second explosive[src]

"Run 'n Bomb" was a job for Sly Cooper in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


To advertise Carnivale, Don Octavio has tied up several balloons around town. Sly and Bentley plan to blow these balloons off their moorings. Without advertising, the Don won't have an audience to see his opera recital, therefore he'll have no point in sinking the Venetian landmarks. Bentley has taken over a fireworks stand and is putting together some explosives to free the balloons. Each explosive has a timed fuse and Sly needs to run it to the balloon before it blows.


The first balloon is on Octavio's opera house. Once Sly blows the mooring, the balloon flies off into the sky. He returns to the Bentley, who gives him another firework. Although this one has a longer fuse, Sly has farther to run. He runs to a balloon near the Police Station and blows it off its moorings. In the process of it flying off, Bentley explains phase two: the balloon carried by the wind would crash into an Octavio sign hoisted onto a tower. When it crashes, the combustible gases from the balloon will ignite and blow the sign into pieces. Unfortunately, the wind dies, and instead of causing "Hindenburg part two," the balloon's rope gets caught on the sign. Sly climbs up the tower to dislodge it manually. Once he does, the sign explodes.

Sly is then briefed by Bentley to return to the stand, but just as Bentley is telling him this, he is interrupted by someone trying to break in. Sly rushes over to Bentley and finds him in the hands of Octavio. He chases the thug and Bentley across town until they reach the opera house, where Octavio surrenders Bentley and flees into the building. Once Bentley is with Sly again, it's job complete.