Sly shooting Robo-Falcons.

Robo-Falcons were robotic minions created by Clockwerk to protect his lair in the Krakarov Volcano. They had a golden armor and blue eyes. During the events of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, they were the main security force protecting Clockwerk's fortress. Upon entering Krakarov, Sly Cooper and the gang were attacked by swarms of Robo-Falcons, which would ram the Van and inflict severe damage to Sly. Sly destroyed them with Otto van Cooper`s minigun mounted on the van.

Later on, a Robo-Falcon tried to steal Sly's cane, but it was destroyed by Carmelita. When Sly was trying to recover his cane, two Robo-Falcons tried to eliminate him, but they were destroyed by Carmelita as well. All the Robo-Falcon guards were probably destroyed at the end of the game.

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