Bentley: Murray, you're on. Sly's knocked the ruby loose and now we need your muscle to get it to the buyers.
Murray: Muscle on the way.
— Bentley and Murray, while the latter heads to the ruby[src]

"Rip-Off the Ruby" was a job for Sly Cooper and Murray in The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Break loose and deliver the giant ruby to the ruby buyers.
— In-game description

Murray and Bentley delivering the ruby.

Bentley has contacted a local crime ring. In exchange for a large red ruby, they will give the gang a Cherry Bomb 500 for use in their operation. First, Sly breaks the ruby free from the large elephant statue, which Murray picks up and transports to the rendezvous point, by the waterfall. Murray is also warned to be careful as the ruby is extremely fragile and the exchange will be ruined if the ruby is damaged or broken. On the way, in areas that are unreachable to Murray while holding the ruby, Bentley drops soft trampolines for Murray to throw the ruby to, so he can then traverse to the previously unreachable area.

Once at the waterfall, a dealer reacts positively to the quality of the ruby and suggests that they bring the ruby to the buyers. The two make their way to the meeting point, where three buyers appear and take the ruby, promising a Cherry Bomb 500 when it is needed. Job complete.