Riochi's Sushi House is the name of Rioichi Cooper's sushi restaurant, featured in the first episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. When the Shogun was served poisoned sushi in the restaurant, Rioichi was put in jail and El Jefe took possession of the restaurant.


After this take over, El Jefe placed guards all over the restaurant, as well as mechanical security measures, such as spotlights and lasers. The doors in the restaurant are all made with special locks whose keys are Rioichi's own knives; his carving knife, fillet knife, and cleaver.

In the job "Sushi House Startup," Rioichi entered the Sushi House with a single objective; to send a message to El Jefe. He accomplished this by stealing all of the knife keys and using them to make his way to the back of his restaurant where his kitchen was. He then turned on all of the furnaces, effectively re-opening the restaurant and stealing it back from the dictator.

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