Outstanding! Chalk up one... strange-robot-organ for us, and one less Iron Horse train for Jean Bison!
— Sly to Bentley, as he steals one of Clockwerk's Lung's from Iron Horse No. 1

"Ride the Iron Horse" was a job for Bentley in He Who Tames the Iron Horse of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


It's Bentley's turn to pull off a train robbery. Steal the first Clockwerk lung from Iron Horse No. 1.


Sly tells Bentley that Iron Horse No. 1 would be passing by him very soon and that he needs to jump onto the caboose and enter through the hatch. Bentley does so, then travels forward through the train, passing by lasers, traveling atop the train, and taking out guards along the way. Eventually Bentley made it to the front of the train, where he detached Clockwerk's Lung. Mission complete.