The re-education tower is one of the tallest buildings within the Contessa's large manor and estate, positioned near the main parts of the Contessa's castle and is one of the most important locations of The Contessa's hypnotic operation. After capturing Carmelita Fox in India, the Contessa kept her prisoner on top of the re-education tower throughout the fourth and most of the fifth episodes. It was here that the Clockwerk eyes could be found, attached to a mind-shuffler used to brainwash Carmelita. The main entrance is locked and two members of the Shadow Guard patrolled the front door. An old terminal that controlled the Iron Tech 250, a security device used to contain Carmelita, could also be found in the top of the tower.


In "Know Your Enemy," Sly Cooper reached the top of the tower and learned about Carmelita's captivity and the Contessa's possession of one of the Clockwerk parts. Even though he couldn't do anything, Sly took some recon photos of the scene and, along with the rest of the gang, came up with a plan to save Inspector Fox and recover the eyes.

Inside of reeducation tower

The inside of the tower

Bentley believed that the old terminal was somehow linked to the Iron Tech 250, and he needed to re-wire the computer so that he could then hack the system and free Inspector Fox in hopes that she would arrest the Contessa and clear the way to the Clockwerk eyes.

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