Rams were enemy guards faced by Sly Cooper and the gang in Holland. They served as flashlight guards and the main security force for the Black Baron, guarding both Kinderdijk and her castle's countryside.


These rams dress in traditional bellhop suits. They are light brown in color, with medium-sized horns. Their suits are green shirts with yellow buttons and brown pants. They also wear a bellhop hat and brown Dutch klomps, along with light brown gloves. Their weapon of choice are dragon pistols that they use to attack or shoot you. They may also attack with their horns. They carry a modern type of flashlight.


  • These guards have similar animations to the Moose guards from Canada. This can be seen in their walking, running, defeat, falling and alerted animations.
  • While these guards are not seen during the "Frame Team Belgium" mission, in the "Giant Wolf Massacre" mission, they can be possessed by The Guru before riding the wolf.