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Rajan's Palace was a beautiful, ancestral palace bought by Rajan and it served as one of his main base of operations. The palace was decorated with luxurious
Rajan's Palace
objects, such as rare Indian rugs and vases. Rajan's Palace had a Guest House, which was separated from the main part of the Palace, a garden, a main room that was used for grand balls and it's very own boardroom. During the events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Rajan invited several people for a ball, in which he wanted to present his latest acquisition, the Clockwerk Wings. Several police officers, such as The Contessa, Neyla and Carmelita were present at the ball, working undercover to expose Rajan. Sly and the gang infiltrated the palace to recover the Clockwerk Wings. Once they succeeded, Carmelita revealed herself and Rajan was forced to flee from his own palace, deep into the Indian jungle. With its owner gone, the palace was closed down.


  • Rapid rivers and waterfalls
  • Large wooden gate (Leads to the surrounding town)
  • Stone wall
  • High trees and lush foliage (Seen in grassy areas)
  • Low and tall Buildings
  • Rajan's Palace (Rajan's presumed living quarters)
  • Small towers with fire in them (seen on buildings)
  • Long falls into a barren landscape (Die/lose health if the player falls)
  • A hidden area beneath town (A treasure is down there)
  • Wooden bridges
  • Overhangs on buildings as trampolines
  • Barrels of spice (Breakable item)
  • Bag of apples (breakable item)
  • Rajan's Guest House (you can go inside)
  • Clue Bottles
  • Safehouse

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