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Black Clouds and Thunderbolts! My spice temple, ruined! I will not hide while you villains destroy my hard won empire! This place is mine... here I am King! Come face me Cooper. With Clockwerk's black heart, I will show you true power. You are nothing. Come, face the mighty Rajan, Lord of these hills!
— Rajan[src]

Rajan was a member of the Klaww Gang. He was the producer of the Illegal Spice that played a major part in the Klaww Gang's master plan. He was the main antagonist of Episode 2: A Starry-Eyed Encounter and Episode 3: The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Early life

Rajan Teenager

A teenage Rajan, after making a spice deal.

Rajan grew up poor on the streets of Calcutta. He started his life of crime by selling illegal spices on the black market. As he got older, his business expanded and he eventually earned a seat in the Klaww Gang as its spice manufacturer.

Cairo theft

Rajan, along with the other members of the Klaww Gang, stole the body parts of Clockwerk a robotic owl who was killed around a year prior, from the museum in Cairo they were being exhibited. After his parts were stolen, Rajan received Clockwerk's Wing's and Heart.

The ballroom party

Wanting to show his wealth off to the people of India and to show how prestigious he was, Rajan bought an ancestral palace and planned to hold a ball to showcase the Clockwerk Wings mounted on a huge golden statue. To ensure that his party went smoothly, he got both a helicopter and a jeep to protect the palace from any intruders. He invited the other members of the Klaww gang to his ball, though unbeknownst to him Inspector Carmelita Fox and her subordinate, Constable Neyla were attending his party undercover to arrest him. It was during this time that the Cooper Gang planned to steal the wing's during the ball. Noticing that not all of his guests were enjoying the ball, Rajan ordered his guards to be on the look out for any prowling guests as he did not want any bad press.


Rajan watching Sly and Carmelita dance, while Murray steals the Clockwerk wings behind him.

During the party, Rajan and fellow Klaww Gang member Jean Bison watched a disguised Sly Cooper dance with the undercover Constable Neyla. Rajan complimented the fellow from the side calling him graceful, though this fell on deaf ears as Bison began to belittle Rajan for not moving any of his spice shipments, much to Rajan's annoyance. During this time, his attack helicopter was destroyed by Murray, the muscle of the Cooper Gang. He later talked to his guards in the palace's vault room via speaker and told them to not let anyone into the palace's inner workings fearing it might smear his "flawless reputation". He warned them that it would be unwise to cross a man with a position such as his. The brains of the Cooper Gang, Bentley, had also destroyed the surface to air Jeep that was prowling the palace grounds with his RC Chopper around this time.

Rajan flees

Rajan, fleeing the palace into the surrounding jungle.

Two guards approached Rajan and told him that the bridge connecting the guest's room's and the palace had been destroyed. Angered he told them to get all the manpower they could find and investigate. Sly, still disguised began to dance with the undercover Inspector Fox. Rajan, completely engrossed with the two dancing, didn't notice Murray cutting the Clockwerk Wing's free from the statue behind him. Though once Sly and Carmelita's dance had finished a surprised Rajan noticed that the wings were missing. Realising that her dancer was her rival Sly Cooper, Carmelita dropped her undercover act and began arresting guest's left and right though Rajan escaped before he could be arrested. His reputation disgraced, he fled deep into the nearby jungle and found a hiding place inside some ancient temples.

Spice operation in the jungle


Rajan holding Clockwerk's heart inside his spice temple.

Still in hiding, Rajan used the Clockwerk Heart, which also acted as a powerful pump, to increase spice production ten-fold. Cautious, after losing both of Clockwerk's wings, Rajan halved the heart and used the half not used to increase spice production on top of his staff keeping it with him at all times. Wanting to also steal the Clockwerk Heart, the Cooper Gang ventured deep into the jungle after Rajan. To make sure both pieces of the heart were safe, Rajan used an elephant powered satellite array to spy on all communications in the immediate area, though the satellite was destroyed when the elephant went berserk after eating rage inducing spice plants given to it by Sly. He would also personally take a daily tour around the temple to make sure everything was going as planned, though during his latest stroll he was lured to some local watermelons by Bentley. Having an uncontrollable love for the melons, Rajan would eat them whole but fall asleep as a aside effect, which Bentley used to his advantage by stealing the blueprints on his person while asleep. Noticing that the blueprints were gone, he quickly ran back to the temple.


A defated Rajan, knocked unconscious by Murray.

Having both his blueprints stolen and his satellite destroyed, Rajan retreated into his temple fearing what would happen next. Seeing an attack helicopter, piloted by Bentley, trying to destroy the dam above the temple he got all of his gunships to attack the chopper and offered a barrel of spice to the one who brought the chopper down though ultimately Bentley was successful and the dam was destroyed. It was during this time that Sly destroyed the heavily guarded spice grinder, much to Rajan's shock. Sly had also stolen half of the Clockwerk Heart that was being used as a spice pump, with the help of Constable Neyla.

The Cooper Gang's final insult against Rajan came when they destroyed the door holding all the water from the dam back, flooding the surrounding temple. Completely enraged with all the things the Cooper Gang had done, he left his hiding place and screamed at the top of his lungs daring the Cooper Gang to show themselves. Hoping to get the remaining part of the heart from his staff, Sly and Neyla ventured towards the raging tiger, avoiding the bolts of lightning coming from the heart itself. After being betrayed by Neyla, a surprised Sly was hit by one of the bolts rendering him unconscious and making him fall into the arena below, Rajan followed to finish the job. He was then confronted by Murray, who was trying to protect Sly. Rajan began to insult Murray which then escalated into a fight. After a lengthy battle, Rajan was knocked unconscious and was subsequently arrested alongside Murray and Sly by Constable Neyla and the Contessa. Though since Rajan is not seen being carted away in the cutscene the details of his confinement are left unknown.

New business


Rajan reformed.

After he served his prison sentence, Rajan reformed and established Karpet King, a series of rug establishments all over North America.


Physical appearance

Rajan is a large tiger with orange fur and purple stripes. On his head is a purple turban, and he wears a red vest, as well as purple and green pants. He also wears green shoes, and occasionally carries a long wooden staff, which at one time had half of the Clockwerk heart on top.


Who's "The Murray"? All I see is a fat, pathetic weakling!
— Rajan questioning "The Murray's" entrance[src]

Rajan was very self-conscious of himself due to his past. He went to great lengths to convince others (and himself) of his royalty. He also became enraged when something of his is destroyed. The Cooper Gang used this to their advantage to drive Rajan out of hiding. He was also very rude to those he thought little of, calling Murray "a fat, pathetic weakling."


Rajan was shown to have some fighting prowess, using his staff to good effect and being able to hold off Murray for a short while. And he knocked out Sly in one hit. He was also able to use the Clockwerk Heart to cast lightning. He was also apparently very enduring, able to take blows from Murray and being immune to Bentley's sleep darts.


The security forces of Rajan's spice cartels consist of three animal species: monkey and goat Rooftop Guards and rhino Flashlight Guards.




  • Rajan is seen wearing a vest in the cutscenes, but his in-game model lacks this piece of clothing.
  • Rajan is the only member of the Klaww Gang and the first boss to be defeated by Murray. He his also the first boss to not be defeated by Sly and the 7th in the overall series.
  • The Sanskrit word "Raja" means "king."
  • He was also in one of Black Baron's paintings.
  • He is the only boss in Sly 2 to appear on more than one episode selection screen.

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