Murray: Hey fellas, any of you guy think you can beat "The Mur... "The Moose"? Maybe put a bet on it?
Guard: Oh I'm in, eh! I ain't got a lot of money for this wager... but there's no way I'd lose to a guy like you.
— Murray challenging one of Jean Bison's guards to RC combat[src]

"RC Combat Club" was a job for Murray in Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


An RC Combat Club meeting is underway. Murray must pose as a moose and win the competition in order to win the Northern Light Battery location.


Murray himself can't enter the combat club, so Bentley sends out Sly to steal a moose mask located above the club. After a few spire-jumps and flashlight dodging, Sly manages to give Murray the mask, while he was hiding in a barrel by the entrance.

Once he has the mask, the convinces the guards to give him the location of the Northern Light battery if he can beat him in a duel. He does, and the guard gives Murray the location of the battery. Job complete.

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