"Pretty in Pinker" was a job for Rioichi Cooper, Bentley and Murray in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Steal Madame Geisha's outfit to use in an undercover operation.


From his observations Bentley found out that El Jefe was coming out of his palace only to speak with Madame Geisha. To find out what El Jefe was telling her, they would need to impersonate her by stealing her costume. Madame Geisha's costume was located inside the Geisha House, the front door of which was locked. Rioichi sneaked into the building through a hatch on the roof.

Inside, Rioichi spotted the costume stored within a locked container. The container could be opened from the top, but its lock mechanism implied that it was opened remotely. Rioichi then made his way through the Geisha House to find the control devices. He soon found a terminal in one of the rooms. Bentley hacked into the terminal and was able to unlock the container. Rioichi made his way back through and opened the container for Murray.

Murray lowered down on a wire, which Rioichi remarked on being too thin for Murray's size, to quietly steal Madame Geisha's costume. However, the wire snapped and Murray fell straight into the container. It collapsed under Murray's force and the commotion from the destruction caused several guards to take notice and investigate what had happened. Murray, who was forced to test out the costume sooner than expected, put it on and when the guards began to question the one responsible, then they saw the supposed Madame Geisha.

Murray introduced himself to the guards and proceeded to start dancing in front of the guards. Although the guards were amazed and infatuated with Murray, Rioichi looked away. Once he was done with his routine, Murray waved goodbye to the group of guards and left backstage.[1]


  • The title of this job is based on the 1986 American romantic comedy-drama, Pretty in Pink. The film itself was named after the song by the Psychedelic Furs.