Mysterious Towers of Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and served as the main base of operations for the Contessa in Jailbreak and A Tangled Web of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Both Prague locations in the game are distinctly Gothic, involving gargoyles, blood red skies and crypts. There are also spider webs serving as trampolines to get up onto the rooftops.



This episode is situated in and around the Contessa's rehabilitation prison. The perimeter is guarded by tanks and spotlights along with the usual Rooftop and Flashlight Guards, the ones native to Prague being Werewolves, Vampire Bats and Vultures. Inside the prison walls are different buildings and wire fences, though no inmates are ever seen, even when a mission to free Murray takes the player inside the prison. It is also the home of a Giant Attack Robot which is disguised as a water tower.

A train track passes around one side of the prison and along the other spans a bridge lined with Werewolf gargoyles - that sometimes come alive to attack - which leads to the Contessa's house. It is guarded by a lone tank that constantly circles it.

The Cooper Gang's Safe House is in a rundown building with a broken roof on the edge of the town surrounding the high walls of the prison.

A Tangled WebEdit

The hub world of this episode is divided into two halves by a river which can be crossed by two narrow bridges, two power lines stretching over the water or the Contessa's boat which travels up and down the bank. On one side of the river, Neyla and her mercenaries have set up their headquarters and have an army of tanks on constant patrol. It is also the location of the Cooper Gang's Safe House.

On the other side, The Contessa's Castle looms over the surrounding area, The Contessa's Re-Education Tower - where she is keeping Carmelita when the Cooper Gang arrives - marking it's highest point. There is a graveyard inside the grounds along with crypts and a guillotine which can be set off if the rope holding the blade up is hit. The Contessa also has her own army of tanks patrolling near the river so as to keep an eye on Neyla and her troops. There are different levels to The Contessa's castle which are connected by stone walkways that are patrolled constantly by guards.

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