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A Power-up, also called a Gadget, is a type of equipment that is prominent in all three games in the Sly Cooper series. All three of the game's protagonists – Sly, Bentley and Murray – are all capable of using power-ups. Power-ups vary from elaborate disguises to enhanced forms of attack. Most take up bits of the Focus Meter, which is located within the thief meter.

In Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Sly, Bentley, and Murray all have their own distinct power-up menus called the "gadget grid," which can be accessed by pressing the SELECT button during gameplay. When brought up, power-ups can be assigned to either the L1, L2 or R2 buttons.

List of power-ups

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Only Sly is playable in this game, so all of the power-ups in this section are only used by Sly.

  • Dive – Sly does dive while twirling his cane and ends with a somersault.-Drake Cooper
  • Roll – Sly rolls at high speeds.-Old Sally Cooper
  • Slow – Slows down gameplay.-Dev Cooperinda
  • Mine – Sly throws his hat, and detonates it with his cane.-Rob McCooper
  • Fast – Speeds up gameplay.-B.F. Cooper
  • Decoy – Sly tosses a black cardboard cutout of himself.-Sir Andrew Cooper
  • Stun – Sly hits his cane to the ground, causing all guards to freeze in time for a few seconds.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves


  • Smoke Bomb – Sly sets off a bomb that blocks the enemy's line of sight. Perfect for a getaway.
  • Combat Dodge – When fighting an enemy, Sly can perform dodges by pressing the assigned button.
  • Insanity Strike - Makes enemies attack eachother.
  • Voltage Attack - Kills guards instantly.
  • Stealth Slide – A quiet and faster way to get around.
  • Alarm Clock – Sly throws an Alarm Clock, which can distract an enemy.
  • Paraglider – Sly will launch a parachute while in the air. Makes for a good and smooth descent.
  • Thief Reflexes – Slows down gameplay.
  • Silent Obliteration – A silent and faster way of taking out enemies while they haven't seen Sly.
  • Feral Pounce – Allows Sly to jump longer distances than he can with a normal double jump.


  • Trigger Bomb – A bomb that you can throw and detonate at any time.
  • Size Destabilizer – Activates the crossbow to make them shrink for a few seconds when hit.
  • Snooze Bomb – A bomb that will make guards around its blast fall asleep.
  • Adrenaline Burst – Bentley will immediately run faster than normal.
  • Health Extractor – Bentley will throw out a mine-like item, and activate it near a guard. The guard will be sucked up and a health pack will go to Bentley.
  • Hover Pack – A jetpack for Bentley.
  • Reduction Bomb – A bomb that makes guards around its blast shrink.
  • Temporal Lock – Freeze time around the guards temporarily.


Vault power-ups

These power-ups are unlocked by opening the safe (finding all the Clue Bottles) in each area.

  • Knockout Dive – Sly dives into an enemy to knock them out while spinning his cane.
  • Insanity Strike – Sly sets his spiced cane so whenever he hits two or more enemies, they attack each other.
  • Voltage Attack – Sly electrifies his cane so whenever he hits an enemy, they are shocked and die instantly.
  • Long Toss – Both Sly and Bentley will be able to toss gadgets farther.
  • Rage Bomb – Sly will throw a bomb including spice. When it hits an enemy, that enemy will attack other fellow guards.
  • Music Box – Sly will throw a music box onto the ground. Guards near it will fall asleep.
  • Lightning Spin – Sly will spin while doing a shockwave with his cane. The enemies nearby will be electrocuted and instantly die.
  • Shadow Power – Sly will turn invisible, but can't attack or pick pocket.

Button cheat power-ups

  • Mega Jump – Gives Sly a very high jump. Unlocked by button cheat RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, R1, LEFT and if game is completed 100%.
  • TOM – Mechanical dummy that will attract guard's attention so that Sly can distract them. Identical in use as the Alarm Clock.
  • Time Rush – Speeds up gameplay.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves


  • Smoke Bomb
  • Knockout Dive
  • Combat Dodge
  • Paraglider
  • Rocket Boots – A quick getaway from enemies.
  • Silent Obliteration
  • Feral Pounce
  • Thief Reflexes
  • Shadow Power Level 1
  • Shadow Power Level 2 – The evolution of the original Shadow Power, Sly now has the ability to use other power-ups, pickpocket, and attack while invisible.
  • Treasure Map – A map that will be required for challenges and jobs in Blood Bath Bay.
  • Venice Disguise – Sly will wear a disguise that fools guards in Venice.
  • Photographer Disguise - Sly will wear a disguise that will fool the guards in China.
  • Pirate Disguise – Sly will wear a disguise that will fool the guards in Blood Bath Bay.
Charge Combos


  • Trigger Bomb
  • Fishing Pole – This is Bentley's device for Pickpocketing (Also known as P-P-P; Pick-Pocket-Pole).
  • Alarm Clock
  • Adrenaline Burst
  • Health Extractor
  • Insanity Strike
  • Grapple-Cam – A camera that can be used for distracting and attracting guards, including a grappling arm.
  • Size Destabilizer
  • Rage Bomb
  • Reduction Bomb
  • Hover Pack


  • Aboriginal Ball Form – Murray curls into a ball and can bounce around the map
  • Berserker Charge
  • Juggernaut Throw
  • Guttural Roar
  • Fists of Flame
  • Temporal Lock
  • Raging Inferno Flop
  • Diablo Fire Slam


  • Heatseeker
  • Mega Jump
  • Hypnotize
  • Teleport

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time


  • Paraglider - Press and hold R1Button to glide.
  • Cane Swat Combo - During combat quickly press SquareButton then TriangleButton.
  • Mega Charge Attack - Hold TriangleButton and then release it to launch attack.
  • Silent Obliteration - While sneaking behind an enemy quickly press TriangleButton then SquareButton
  • Rail Sprint - While on any rail press and hold R1Button to sprint.
  • Steerable Cane Spin - Allows Sly to steer his Cane Spin attack using LStick.
  • Smoke Bomb - Press L1Button to drop a smoke bomb.
  • Meter Recharger - Automatically recharges the Gadget Meter in the blink of an eye.
  • Run While Charging - Allows Sly to run while charging using LStick.
  • Flash Bomb - Press L1Button to drop a flash bomb.
  • Moving Pickpocket - Allows Sly to move while attempting to pickpocket.
  • Sprint While Charging - Allows Sly to sprint while charging by holding down R1Button.
  • Cane Push - Double tap R1Button.
  • Paraglider Dive Attack - Allows Sly to dive down and attack a target while paragliding by Pressing SquareButton.
  • Silent Sprint - Hold down R1Button to sprint, the nearby guards won't hear Sly's footsteps.
  • Air Smash - Jump and press TriangleButton.


  • Sleep Ammo - Press and hold L2Button to select this ammunition that allows Bentley to shoot sleep darts and throw sleep bombs.
  • Adrenaline Burst - Double tap R1Button to boost away from enemies. Uses the Focus Meter.
  • Bomb Kick - Press SquareButton before the bomb drops on the ground to kick it forward.
  • Shock Ammo - Press and hold L2 to select this ammunition that allows Bentley to shoot shock darts and throw shock bombs.
  • Trigger Bomb - Press R2Button to trigger the bomb's dotonation.
  • Heat Seeking - Hold  and release it to drop a heat seeking bomb.
  • Confusion Ammo - Press and hold L2 to select this ammunition that allows Bentley to shoot confusion darts and throw confusion bombs.
  • Multi Bomb - Allows Bentley to drop up to 5 bombs in quick succession on each release of tringle button .
  • Throwing Shield - A handy shield that automatically deploys whenever aiming to protect ×Benley from harm.
  • Bomb Blast v2.0 - Doubles the size of any bomb explosion.
  • Shrink Ammo - Press and hold L2 to select this ammunition that allows ×Bentley to shoot shrink darts and throw shrink bombs.
  • Scorching Hover Pack - While in the air press X and hold  to inflict damage from above.
  • Bomb Drop v2.0 - Allows Bentley to boost while holding a bomb using .
  • Bend it like Bentley - Press SQUARE while in front of a live bomb to kick it directly towards a nearby target.
  • Homing Darts - While in ×Binocucom press R1 to fire a heat seeking dart.
  • Meter Recharger - Automatically recharges the ×Focus Meter in the blink of an eye.
  • Adrenaline Burst Plus - Double tap R1 to boost away from enemies, hold it to boost even longer.
  • Moving Pickpocketing - Allows Bentley to continue moving during any pickpocket attempt.


  • Elbo El Drop'o Combo - During combat quickly press SquareButton then TriangleButton.
  • Mega Charge Attack - Press and hold TriangleButton, release it to launch attack.
  • El Drop'o
  • Looty Shake
  • Steerable Fist Spin
  • Clothesline - Double tap R1Button.
  • Juggernaut Throw
  • Fists of Flame
  • Run While Charging
  • Raging Inferno Flop
  • Light as a Feather
  • Dukes of Dynamite
  • Sprint While Charging
  • Clothesline a lo Macho
  • Diablo Fire Slam
  • Licks of Lightning
  • Cuffs of Confusion
  • Meter Recharger
  • Mega Stomp
  • El Drop'o a lo Macho


  • Super Jump - Press and hold R2Button, then press XButton.
  • Charge Shot - Hold R1Button and then release it to unleash a dangerous charge shot.
  • Stun Shot - Press R1Button to fire a stun shot.
  • Triple Shot - Press R1Button to fire 3 spread projectiles per shot.
  • Auto Fire - Hold R1Button for continuous fire.

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