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This page is about the job from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. For the first job found in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, see Police Headquarters.

Greetings old... Inspector Fox! Man, you're in it again!
— Murray, meeting Sly being chased by Inspector Fox

"Police HQ" was a job completed by Sly Cooper during Episode 1: An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Bentley points out that the Venetian police station can be distinguised from other buildings by the large dome on top of it. Despite this huge impression, Don Octavio's forces are patrolling the streets, rather than the cops. Sly notes this and manages to find an entry point into the station through the vent on the top of the giant dome roof. However, the dome is covered in glazed tile, making it almost impssible to climb up. Sly sees that a rope connects the roof of the police station to a nearby apartment. The side of the rope can be reached by bouncing on top of a gondola. Sly bounces onto the rope and makes his way across the rope, to the top of the dome, and crawls inside.

After crawling into the police station, Sly works his way through the ventilation system, down to the bottom floor. He exits a vent next to a jail cell, who he thinks is holding Murray. Upon calling his friends name, Sly finds that it isn't Murray in the cell, but Dimitri, a member of the now defeated Klaww Gang. Dimitri, who would rather see Sly get arrested than tell him where Murray is, yells for the cops nearby. To calm Dimitri down, Sly rationalizes with him that if he gets thrown into jail, nobody will be there to bust Dimitri. Dimitri tells Sly that even if he did manage to get the cell door open, he'd be caught on the way out anyway, and would get a bigger punishment for trying to break out.

Sly finds that Dimitri has a point, and thinks of a way to get him out quietly after he opens the cell. He eventually thinks of a plan -- he'll distract the cops and while they're all focused on him, Dimitri can simply just walk out the door. Dimitri completely agrees to with this indirect act of revenge. He reveals the location of cell key to be in the head cop's office.

Sly quietly crawls over to the head's office, whom he sees is Inspector Fox, and snatches the key. After stealing it, the lights, having electrical problems, flicker on and off. To avoid being seen, Sly hides under a table in the room when the lights flicker on, and makes his way back to the cell when they flicker off. Once at the cell, he removes the lock on the cell door. However, the cell has another lock, a dial. Using his perception, Sly maneuvers the dial and unlocks the final lock. Once Dimitri is out, he tells Sly that Murray will be waiting at Rialto Bridge. Then, Sly gets the cops attention, while Dimitri sneaks out the front door.

Inspector Fox chases Sly outside, where she "praises" his nerve to show up in her squad room. She chases Sly as he bounces and runs across gondolas. He eventually makes his way to Rialto Bridge where, as Dimitri said, Murray was waiting. To lose the Inspector, Sly and Murray take jump into a manhole and shelter in the sewers, later emerging from one not far away.

Once alone, Sly talks with his old friend.


  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Falling boat (If you decide to free roam)


{after opening Dimitri's prison cell}

  • Sly: I'll do like I promised and distract the cops so you can make you're escape
  • Dimitri: Solid. Don't worry no mind, straight way I'll pass word for Murray to find you. Meet at Rialto Bridge, big Italian landmark.
  • Sly: Okay. Guess it's showtime. {runs out in the open to where Carmelita is} Hello assorted meat-heads....and lady. Anyone feel like some exercise?
  • Carmelita: Cooper? Grab him men!
  • Sly: And I'm out. (leaves police HQ}
  • {while being chased by Carmelita outside Sly jumps onto a canoe}
  • Carmelita: You have some nerve showing up in my squad room!
  • Sly: I was concerned we were growing apart.
  • Carmelita: Then lets spend some quality time in my interrogation office.
  • Sly: So forward, what ever happened to the demure girl I used to know.
  • Carmelita: She grew up and stopped taking grief from guy like you.
  • Sly: "Guys like me?" Are you saying I've got some competition for your affections?
  • Carmelita: You're the only man in my sights right now.

{during Sly's chase with Carmelita he runs into Murray}

  • Sly: Thanks for the quick escape. I owe you one, again.
  • Murray: Of course searcher, we are all in need of peace.
  • Sly: You're really whole hog on this Dreamtime stuff huh?
  • Murray: My mind is clear, like the woodland after a forest fire.
  • Sly: Listen Murray...we need you back on the team. That thing with Bentley, it wasn't your fault. He doesn't balme you for the wheelchair.
  • Murray: Sorry Sly, I walk a different path. My Guru, in his wisdom, told me to lose myself and not return until the black water ran pure, so here I stay.
  • Sly: You sure he didn't tell you to get lost and not come back until you'd cleaned out the water filter?
  • Murray: Come on! I'm on a real spirit quest here!
  • Sly: Sorry, sorry...tell me everything, I've missed you pal.
  • Murray: Well, it's a long and awesome got any gum?


  • During Sly and Dimitri's initial conversation, the subtitles misspell the word "polizia" as "politzia."

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