Pit bulls (a.k.a Gorgeous Lou) were enemy guards that Sly Cooper encountered in Sunset Snake Eyes of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


They were burly peach pit-bulls that wore a red and white striped tank top, orange gloves, brown shoes, a black bowler hat and black pants. They had the word "Tattew" (a misspelling of the word "tattoo") tattooed on their left arm.

Their weapon of choice was a board with a nail on it. If they saw any intruders, they would rush towards them to strike. If they succeeded, they would flip their weapon in the air, ready to catch it only for it to accidentally hit their heads. While patrolling, brutes could be seen scratching their backs with the board. Sly could defeat them with one single strike. Sly's binocucom state that they each have three tattoos.


  • In Murray's Big Gamble only, the guards would defeat themselves when their weapons hit them on the heads. Any other times, they would only be temporarily dazed.