The pirate disguise was a disguise that Sly Cooper obtained in Dead Men Tell No Tales during the job "The Talk of Pirates." It consisted of an eye-patch, peg leg and hat, all of which Sly stole from three former lieutenants of Cantankerous Tim, along with a green vest and white pants.


Using the pirate disguise will cause any guard in Blood Bath Bay to question Sly, asking for a password. After correctly relaying the password to them, they will apologize for questioning Sly, then go about their business. As long as Sly remains in the disguise, they will not attack him.

Failing to relay the correct password will cause Sly to stutter, and the questioning guard will attack him. The disguise can only be used properly again after all attacking guards are defeated, or after Sly loses the guards.

Sly's physical actions are limited to walking and a very short jump while in the outfit.


  • While in disguise, Sly uses a stereotypical pirate accent when speaking with the guards.
  • Oddly enough, the purple near-sighted lizards on Dagger Island can be fooled with this disguise, which will prompt them to ask Sly for a password.
  • The pool of four words that the pirate guards use in their passwords are all nautical terms, specifically referring to a part or side of a ship. The words are port (SquareButton), spar (CircleButton), hull (TriangleButton) and jib (XButton).
  • The pirate disguise also appears in Nihilistic Software' PlayStation Move Heroes.

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