The photographer disguise was a disguise in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves that Sly Cooper can use in A Cold Alliance. This disguise will fool the guards of China, but not Carmelita Fox. It is acquired in the job "Get a Job."


The photographer disguise comes with a yellowish-tan flat cap, glasses, a brown handlebar mustache, a green jacket, a striped shirt, a gray suitcase and black dress shoes.


While in disguise, if you get within a Chinese guard's line of sight, you will be asked to stop and provide one of several specific passwords. When this happens, Bentley will feed you the code via radio; this will visually show up in a broadcast bubble along with a combination of four face button icons. The four-word code disappears a second or two after the complete code is revealed. You are then required to input the password within a few seconds. If it's input quickly and without error, the guard will recognize you as one of their own. If you press the wrong button at any point or take too long to give the password, the guard will expose you as a fake and attack you, reverting Sly to his default attire. If you are caught, you cannot attempt to fool any Chinese guards until you are no longer in combat.

While in disguise, your physical actions are limited to walking and a very short jump.



  • The photographer disguise is the only usable disguise that does not at all resemble the general attire of the guards in the region where it is used.
  • The pool of four words that the Chinese passwords use are concepts that are very important in Chinese culture. The words are sun (SquareButton), moon (CircleButton), day (TriangleButton) and night (XButton).
  • The photographer disguise is the only usable disguise where Sly does not attempt to change his accent when talking with the guards.

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