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"Photo Op" was the first job for Sly Cooper during Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Upon arriving in Feudal Japan, Bentley sends Sly out for reconnaissance. He directs him to several locations throughout the village.

  • Boar Guard Armor: Suit of armor worn by the large Boar guards. Sly will later steal a suit of armor from them.
  • Dragon Gates: Locked gates to El Jefe's palace.
  • Geisha House: One of El Jefe's favorite places to frequent.
  • Imperial Prison: The place where Rioichi Cooper is being held.
  • Sushi House: Rioichi's place of business. Closed down and under guard.

After taking these photos, Sly sees El Jefe exiting the Geisha House. He takes a shot of him for Bentley, who recognizes him as a modern-day warlord. In other words, he had to have come here using a time machine just like the Cooper Gang.


Sly gathers enough information for Bentley to formulate a plan to break Rioichi out of prison. They also learn that they are not the only ones in possession of a time machine.


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