The Panzer Code is an avatar upgrade for Bentley's Hacking avatar in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Bentley's Hackpack that turns his Shell Code into a pink tank-like avatar.


It has a more powerful, though slower, artillery weapon called the Giga Bomb, fired with RStick, that can easily destroy barriers in three hits (which is otherwise impossible) and enemies and firewalls in one hit. When in this form, the fire rate is significantly slower, compared to the Shell Code. In Bentley's Hackpack, getting the speed powerup made it shoot almost as fast as the regular Shell Code.


Physical appearanceEdit


The Panzer Code's thief meter

The Panzer Code is a blue tank with a pink outline. It has treads on either side, and a large cannon, called the bit-cannon, on top. When firing, a pink targeting symbol appears on the ground, and the giga-bombs that are fired from it hit the target directly.



  • This avatar is named after German tanks in World War II, called panzers. These are massive, slow moving tanks that fired extremely heavy artillery.
  • The artillery for the Shell Code and Panzer code are named after computer terms.
    • The bit-cannon is named after a bit, the basic unit of information in computing and digital communication.
    • The giga-bomb is named after a gigabyte, which is a unit of information made up of eight-billion bits.
  • The code is, as explained above, a power-type, and its emphasis is based on Murray's strength and his rough-tough-and-ready personality. Also, his signature color is pink.