This is a list of minor characters who exist in the Sly Cooper series. Note that this list only constitutes of characters that are minor or lesser in their appearance. For a complete list of primary and supporting characters, see the list of characters.

Cooper ClanEdit

The Adventures of Sly CooperEdit

Madame D'OinkeauEdit

Madame Beverly D'Oinkeau was Dimitri's fiancée. She lives in a mansion in Monaco. Dimitri was going to marry her only for her large amount of wealth.


Pachyderma TuskinannyEdit

Pachyderma Tuskinanny was the opera singer who was performing at the opera house the night Sly Cooper met Carmelita Fox. She owned the diva diamond, which was later stolen by Pierre in the confusion caused by Inspector Barkley finding Sly tied in the janitor's closet by Carmelita. Sly later snatched it from Pierre, and it was returned to Pachyderma.


Pierre was the stage manager for the opera where Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox met. He tried to use Sly's distraction so that he could steal Pachyderma Tuskinanny's Diva Diamond, which was hidden with all the other jewelry for the costumes. It was later stolen from him by Sly, who put it around Pierre's neck, tied him up, and dropped him onto the stage where Carmelita, Inspector Barkley and Pachyderma were.

Sly 2: Band of ThievesEdit

Ruby dealersEdit

The ruby dealers were first seen assisting the Cooper Gang with the Cherry Bomb 500 in Rajan's Spice Temple. During the mission, Bentley and Murray deliver the ruby to the first buyer. Then, they take it to the buyer, who agrees to give the gang a Cherry Bomb 500 at the time Bentley requested it.

The Contessa's husbandEdit

The Contessa's Husband

The Contessa's husband made his appearance in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. He was a wealthy aristocrat and general that the Contessa had met when she was still a criminal psychology student. They entered into a whirlwind romance, and eventually married. During the wedding, he drank a poisoned glass of wine, and "suspiciously" died a few weeks afterwards. Once he was dead, the Contessa used her education and newly acquired estate to open her rehabilitation prison.

General ClawfootEdit

General Clawfoot

General Clawfoot was a tough, old bat who was head of the Contessa's security in Prague. The only things he was afraid of were fire and water. Murray kidnapped him in Prague and took him to Bentley so that the gang could clean information from the General about the codes for the Contessa's fortress gates. However, the General kept quiet; Bentley resorted to tickling him with a feather to entice him to cough up the codes.

In the job you need to kidnap him and bring him back to the safehouse, you will notice he speaks German. He can also be defeated by electricity.

Grizzle FaceEdit

Grizzle Face is an elderly bear who is blind and practically nerve dead, so the guards just generally ignore him. However he possesses an exceptional sense of smell, and can smell fish from a mile away. Murray uses this as an advantage by luring Grizzle Face into attacking Jean Bison's oil manes by throwing fish at them. Once the deed is done, Grizzle Face goes back to wandering around the lumber camp.

Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesEdit


Giovanni was a friend of Don Octavio. He never physically appeared, and was only referred to in a phone conversation with Octavio. He was responsible for making the tar producing Ferris Wheel that the Don used to further his criminal activity in Venice.

Blue VipersEdit

The Blue Viper Gondola Gang was a team of three speed boat drivers in Venice. They were hired by Don Octavio to take out Carmelita Fox, but after a quick speedboat chase, Sly and Bentley took out the trio and saved Carmelita, who had no idea what happened.

Despite their name, only one of them has a blue boat. It is most likely that the blue one is the leader (probably named after the leader given the name Blue Viper Gang) and the rest are his gang members.

When the mission starts, Bentley says to Sly in the Binocucom that Octavio hired the Blue Vipers to destroy Carmelita,but in the job you hunted them, they only jumped and escaped from Sly and Bentley without actually fighting them. The only thing dangerous for Sly and Bentley were the boats and gondols in the canal.

Vincenetti GangEdit

Composed of several Venetian flashlight guards working for Octavio, the Vincenetti Gang is a group of thugs whom Sly tricks into engaging Carmelita and Lt. Gronk's mercenaries. After a pitched battle they were all defeated, ending the Vincenetti Gang.

Tony B.Edit


Tony B. was one of the various flashlight guards who patrolled Venice under the employment of Don Octavio. His most usual guard spot was the coffee house right across from INTERPOL's HQ. He had the smart trick to ask fellow guardsmen his nickname (Tony "The Killer" B.) when they tried to take the next shift at his spot. He was presumably killed by Sly, but it is unknown since the flashlight guards in Venice look completely the same.

Stone JakeEdit

Stone Jake

Stone Jake was one of the three lieutenants that mutinied on Cantankerous Tim. He took Tim's eye patch. When Sly went out to find Jake and steal the eye patch from him, he did not fight him as Bentley revealed to him that he was "the toughest guy you'll ever meet." Bentley also told Sly that Jake had a "thing" for monkeys. Sly spotted a nearby anchor not far from Jake's position and quickly improvised a plan. If Sly were to whack palm trees, then Jake would most likely be lured from tree to tree eventually under the anchor and defeated. This plan was successful and Sly was able to steal the eye patch.

Unnamed Second LieutenantEdit

He is one of the three lieutenants that mutinied on Tim. He took Tim's peg leg. Years after, it was screwed off his body and stolen by Sly, who used it for his Cantankerous Tim disguise.

Twitchy NedEdit

Twitchy ned

Twitchy Ned was another one of the three lieutenants that mutinied on Tim. He was a very twitchy golden lab, who decided hide up in a crow's nest when he heard word of someone (Sly) taking down lieutenants. He took Tim's hat. When he saw Sly, Ned assumed he was an agent of Tim that came to seek his revenge on him. He ran for it and Sly had to chase him down for the hat, which was easily given to him when Ned realized he only wanted the hat.

Twitchy Ned was the only lieutenant who was not killed.

First-Mate JonesEdit

First-Mate Jones was a pirate who used to be Second-Mate Jones until Captain LeFwee murdered the first-mate. The first-mate was killed after he disbelieved LeFwee's claims of paranormal activity. Jones stayed with LeFwee all the way from his promotion until the rescue of Penelope by Bentley and the Cooper Gang, and the arrival of the Crusher, which is odd because we can see Bentley killing all the guards (including Jones) during the Dynamic Duomission, and he later returns on LeFwee's ship. He was possibly one of the guards killed by Crusher when it was distracting pirates to help Bentley as he rescued Penelope.

Red Sail Sea Dog ClanEdit

The Red Sail Sea Dog Clan is a pirate armada who take their name from the red sails present on all their ships. They are allies of Captain LeFwee, and the Cooper Gang are forced to defeat them all to prevent LeFwee from receiving reinforcements during their heist to save Penelope.


Richards was one of Dr. M's minions, and had recently been put in charge of installing a security system to protect the Cooper Vault. However, during this he forgot to change the security code from the default of "1-2-3", and as punishment, the Doctor poisoned his drink, resulting in his untimely death shortly after being informed of this by the Doctor. He also had a son named Mark.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeEdit

Frenchie Le StacheEdit

Frenchie Le Stache is the champion of the Toothpick 500. His record was beaten by Sly Cooper with the help of his Jailbird Costume and Frenchie subsequently threw a fit and his key fell out of his pocket for Sly to take.

Red Eye RoblesEdit

Red Eye Robles was the champion of the sharpshooting match who Carmelita challenged to a duel and if she won, she got the key and if she lost, she had to kiss him. Carmelita won and an annoyed Robles reluctantly gave her the trophy claiming she had used some weird magic to win.

The Tiger, The Lion and The PantherEdit

The Tiger, The Lion and The Panther are a group of thieves who worked with Salim al-Kupar being among the few that had yet to retire. They were captured by Miss Decibel and hypnotized to do her biddings, but they were rescued by the Cooper Gang.