Tsao: Hear me Sly Cooper, my lineage surpasses yours in every way!
Sly: It's not about the family name's what you do with it!
— Tsao and Sly before, the latter battle's Tsao's family dragon

Operation: Wedding Crasher is the operation in the Cold Alliance episode of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and the fourth operation overall. This is a mission that includes the whole gang, like all previous operations.


Free Jing King from her prison, steal General Tsao's treasure, and then get out of China via the van.

How to Complete

First, sneak into the treasure hall and open the door for Murray and Penelope. Next, use the RC car to avoid the windows, the blue security nodes, and the blue lasers and get to the other end of the room to destroy the computer. If you go through the blue lasers or smash anything but the computer with your turret, you will fail the mission. After destroying the computer, a second computer is rebooting the system, so you need to destroy the blue nodes before the computer reboots, or the system will notify Tsao, and the operation is a bust. Next, you need to paraglide to the temple where Jing King is and enter. First, reset the vases before they crash as Panda King and The Guru tunnel under the palace. Next, Panda King will save her, and you need to use your Grapple-Cam as Bentley to lure Carmelita, who is on patrol, to the temple, and to the calling card. Next, she'll eavesdrop on a conversation between Sly and Bentley, and go into Jing King's palace to dress as her.

Finally, everything will link up, and Sly tells Murray and Penelope that Tsao is headed to the Treasure Hall. He jumps into the treasure pit, but destroys some foundations, making the Palace fall on Bentley's platform, before he barely escapes. Tsao will run up and curse Sly for destroying his family's treasure, and summons an ancient Stone Dragon to kidnap Penelope. Everyone but Sly and Penelope are at, or headed for, the van. Sly needs to hook onto the local fireworks set for the wedding, and fly up to the dragon. You can spire jump on the spines of the dragon, but you must get to the front to attack. It will spit fireballs at you while off of the spines, and blasts fire at you on the back. When in close range, it may try to crush you with its hands, or slash it's fiery tongue at you. If you do a certain amount of damage to it, it might do a barrel roll that'll force you off the dragon and find another firework. When you beat it, it'll shake you and Penelope off, and Tsao will laugh for you escaping but failing to get Jing King (although Jing King actually has been rescued).

Video Walkthrough

Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Operation Wedding Crasher pt110:54

Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Operation Wedding Crasher pt1

Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Operation Wedding Crasher pt210:58

Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Operation Wedding Crasher pt2

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