Tsao: Hear me Sly Cooper, my lineage surpasses yours in every way!
Sly: It's not about the family name's what you do with it!
— Tsao and Sly before, the latter battle's Tsao's family dragon

Operation: Wedding Crasher was a job and heist for the Cooper Gang in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It is time for the Cooper Gang to free Jing King, drop General Tsao blind and send him up the river.


Sly makes his way up to General Tsao's treasure temple. Before heading in through the vent, the gang does a roll call to make sure everyone is ready and in position. Sly heads inside to let Penelope and Murray in through the front door.

Sly then leaves for his rendezvous with the Panda King and the Guru. Penelope must use her RC car to sneak past the blue security beams to get to the computer and blast it. However, once she does, the lasers blocking their entrance do not go away. They figure there must be another computer somewhere that is rebooting the system. If the system fully boots up, the job will be a failure. Murray explains to Penelope how he has been in these situations before and learned that whenever things go wrong, always fall back on the golden rule, which is destruction. Penelope agrees, saying she can use her RC car to blast the security nodes before the computer boots up. Once she does this, the lasers disappear and the two get through successfully. Murray compliments her on her destructive skills. The two head up to the dragon statue, which is where the hatch door is. The two open the door, and Penelope heads inside to inspect. She says there is plenty of loot, but the foundation is weak. Sly informs Murray via radio that Tsao is on his way to their position and asks how they are coming with the treasure. Murray tells him they're doing awesome, then Thunder Flops down into the room, destroying the weak foundations.

Sly paraglides down to the palace, and before heading inside, he places a calling card at the door for Carmelita. He meets up with the Panda King and the Guru. who are beneath the building. The Panda King explains to Sly that the vases around him are used in an ancient Chinese security technique to detect underground thieves. The Panda King will be using his fireworks to blast their way through, which will shake the building and make the vases unstable. Sly must prevent any of them from falling and tripping an alarm. Once the Panda King and Guru reach Jing King's bridal chamber, Sly informs Bentley that it's his turn now.

Bentley must use his Grapple-Cam to lure Carmelita to the front of the palace, where Sly left his calling card. Sly tells him to keep his position on the stilt platform, as that is where he will need to catch the treasure when they drop it to him. Once Bentley successfully lures Carmelita to the entrance, she goes in and spots Sly dressing up in a Tsao disguise and conversing with Bentley via radio about their secret plan, alpha. He heads out the door beside him. After overhearing that and thinking Sly is getting married, she plans to give the gang a shotgun wedding they will never forget. She heads into Jing King's bridal room to take her place. Afterwards, Tsao comes in after noticing strange rumblings disturbing his meditation. Not knowing his bride was already freed, he tells her not to worry, as he will not let anything get in the way of their marriage. He then leaves for his treasure temple.

At this point, everything links up chronologically. Sly exits the palace through the roof and informs the gang that Carmelita took the bait. The Panda King and the Guru are in the van with Jing King waiting for the treasure and escape. Sly then informs Murray and Penelope that Tsao is headed to their position. Murray jumps into the treasure pit, but destroys some foundations, causing him and Penelope to fall through the ground. The temple's support beams break apart, then the whole thing falls into the water. Bentley jumps out of the way and onto another rooftop. Tsao runs up and curses the gang for destroying his family's treasure temple. Murray stands up to him and threatens to break his face for messing with the Cooper Gang. He tosses the treasure chest down to Bentley. Tsao then summons the stone dragon of the temple to aid him in his hour of need. It shoots a humongous fireball near Murray, causing him to jump off and break his fall on some wedding fireworks. The beast then grabs Penelope. It is up to Sly to use those fireworks to fly up to the dragon and whack it until it releases Penelope. Once the dragon is thwarted, Sly paraglides Penelope down safely to the van. They get inside the van and the gang makes their escape.

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