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Bentley: Behold the majesty of gravity and inertia.
Sly: That was real subtle, Bentley.

— Bentley and Sly, after Le Theater Despicable's sign is pulled down[src]

Operation: Thunder Beak
Thunder Beak
In-Game Information
Completed byBentley
Chronological Information
Previous"Disco Demolitions"
Next"Printing Press Duel"
Real World Information
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
1: The Black Chateau

"Operation: Thunder Beak" is the heist job in Episode 1: The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bring down the giant peacock sign and retrieve the Clockwerk Tail Feathers!
— In-game description

Recover the Clockwerk Tail Feathers and shut down Dimitri's counterfeit operation.


  • Turn off the water fountain
  • Hijack the repair truck
  • Climb the peacock sign
  • Grapple to the top of the sign
  • Defend the truck


Part 1 (Bentley and Murray)

Once you reach the mission marker, Murray will join Bentley and follow him to the water tower (the source the guards had to use since the gang destroyed the water pump). Murray states they should get to the water tower now. Once at the water tower, take out the two rats in the area. After that, Murray will position himself and tell you to jump into his arms as he will toss Bentley up there. Jump into Murray's arms, who'll toss Bentley up into the tower(you will need to position Murray correctly in order for Bentley to get onto the grate). Murray tells Bentley that he will have to blast his way in. Bentley then must place a bomb on the grate and get off. The bomb will destroy the grate, creating an entrance. Jump back into Murray's arms and use him to throw Bentley into the entrance. Proceed forward. Once inside, Bentley notes that he must turn the valves to divert the water from the plaza. To divert a valve get close to it and press the circle button. Bentley must turn each valve a single time to complete this part of the mission. Once you're done, Bentley notes it's a success. The water fountain at this point will stop spewing water out as the water has been diverted back to the ocean.

Part 2 (Sly)

Sly will be notified by Bentley that the water pressure to the fountain should be disabled. Sly states it's off alright and they're already sending the repairman to fix it up. Bentley tells Sly he must pickpocket the repairman's key to the repair truck without being spotted. As Sly, go to the repairman and pickpocket until you get his key to the truck. Once Sly has the key, Bentley will tell him he needs to head back to the fountain to make the exchange. Return to the fountain to meet Bentley and Murray, and give them the key. Sly tells Bentley it's all him now.

Part 3A (Bentley with Murray)

Murray states they should head out for the repair truck. As Bentley, head over to the repair truck with Murray, so that they can drive the truck to the fountain. Once you get to the truck, Murray states he will take the wheel as he knows how to ride a stick shift. Murray and Bentley will then start on getting the truck near the entrance to Dimitri's disco.

Part 3B (Sly)

While Bentley and Murray are hijacking the repair truck, Sly notes that he needs to get in position on top of the nightclub's peacock sign in order for phase 3 to proceed. As Sly, scale the large peacock sign on the front of the nightclub until you are at the top, which isn't too difficult as there are plenty of pipes to climb. Once you get to the top, Sly will automatically get into position.

Part 4 (Murray)

Murray and Bentley will then drive the truck to the front of the nightclub. Sly states he is in position and Murray states that is great as they are just driving up right now. After Murray gets the truck in position, he will tell Sly to get ready to grab the tow harpoon once he fires it. Murray must now fire the harpoon up to Sly so he can catch it. Position the harpoon until it is just above Sly. Fire the harpoon in order for Sly to catch it.

Part 5 (Sly)

Once Sly has caught the harpoon, he will latch it to the sign. Sly states the hook is on so his friends can pull away. Right after that, Bentley states the guards are onto them now, so Sly needs to protect the truck. Slide down the wire to the truck and proceed in defeating the guards in order to protect the truck. If the truck's health meter is completely depleted, you'll fail the mission.

Once the guards are all eliminated, the hook will pull down the sign, and it will crash down on to the fountain, destroying it, and creating a makeshift entrance to the printing press room. Bentley states to behold the majesty of gravity and inertia and Sly states that was real subtle. Bentley tells Sly to jump in, grab the tail feathers and then the gang will be able to get out of here.  Sly will automatically head down under the fountain to retrieve the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.

Video Walkthrough

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Operation- Thunder Beak07:03

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Operation- Thunder Beak

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