Bentley: Behold the majesty of gravity and inertia.
Sly: That was real subtle, Bentley.
— Bentley and Sly, after Le Theater Despicable's sign is pulled down[src]

"Operation: Thunder Beak" was a heist job for the Cooper Gang in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


The main objective of this operation was to get the Clockwerk Tail Feathers, and to destroy Dimitri's counterfeiting operation. After a set of missions and jobs, the gang is ready to take on the lounge lizard.


First, Bentley and Murray head out to the old water tower where Bentley turns the valves, redirecting the water from the fountain, which caused Dimitri to send out a repair man. As he was walking to his truck, one that has a large hook on top, Sly picks his pocket and steals the key, before proceeding to the exchange.

Bentley and Murray steal the truck and Sly climbs on top of the peacock sign. When the truck arrives to the square, the hook is launched toward the sign and Sly attaches it to the top. Almost immediately, a group of guards arrives to attack the truck, prompting Sly to defend it. After the conflict, the peacock sign is pulled down and it smashes a hole in the fountain, enabling Sly to reach the printing press room. Job complete.



  • When Bentley enters the water tower in the original PS2 version of the game, there is a transition where the image smoothly flips upside down before Bentley appears in the tower. In The Sly Collection, however, the transition doesn't work as intended, flipping the entire image in a single frame before cutting to the interior of the water tower.