LeFwee: Me pirate flower finally blooms! Yet ye'd favor this cripple over me? The smartest man on the Seven Seas?
Penelope: Oh, I do like smart guys... and he beat you at your own game. You tell me who's more intelligent.
LeFwee: Be still my heart and quick me blade...'tis time for a duel! You and I'll make the mating dance of death!
— LeFwee and Penelope as she protects Bentley[src]

"Operation: Reverse Double-Cross" was a job and operation for the whole Cooper Gang in Dead Men Tell No Tales of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


This operation had only the objective of saving Penelope. Her location was unknown, but Bentley concluded that she could only be found in one of two locations: Skull Keep or LeFwee's ship.

So, first of all, they decided to approach LeFwee's ship, by destroying the masts, and not sinking the ship because Penelope could be on it. Then, Sly Cooper jumped on board and tried to tick LeFwee off, so that he, in a state of anger, could reveal Penelope's location. Unintentionally, LeFwee spilled out that Penelope would never leave Skull Keep, and, therefore, Sly got in a boat with Murray, towards the fortress, located in town. After getting to Skull Keep, Sly found out that it was an ambush, and LeFwee had tricked him, placing a fake explosive Penelope doll.

Then, the rest of the gang tried to escape in the ship, towards deeper waters, but they got caught by LeFwee. However, the waters were deep enough for Crusher to enter the scene and help Bentley rescue Penelope who was trapped under the deck.

As Penelope was now rescued, Sly arrived and tried to attack LeFwee, but he managed to counter attack by hitting Sly, who was kicked overboard, and Bentley, who fell off of his wheelchair. It was now up to Penelope to fight LeFwee, as the Guru attempted to save Sly, who's incapable of swimming.

After Penelope's victory, LeFwee fell into the deep, cold waters. This whole situation brought Bentley and Penelope closer, as they could now demonstrate the feelings they had for each other.


  • This is the only mission where you directly control Penelope. In all other jobs completed by her, you control either her RC Car or RC Chopper.
  • First mate Jones appears in this job despite having been killed by Bentley in Dynamic Duo

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