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"Operation: Jurassic Thievery" was a job for Bentley, Murray and Sly Cooper in Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is the final job of the episode.


The OperationEdit

In this mission, the gang must stop Grizz and his pre-historic art con. Bentley starts and must make his way through the Purple Paw Paint Factory and take out the egg vats allowing the gang to stop production of the paint. This is successful, but as Bob is to fall out of the cart he is in, Murray saves him, but falls into a separate cart, forcing Sly to cover his job to protect the security system from being reset by one of Grizz's guards. If it is reset, the mission would be a failure and the gang would be sitting ducks. Sly take out the guard attempting to reset, and covers for Murray without a problem. Murray then spots Grizz in his personal hideout and jumps down and confronts him.

Boss FightEdit

After an exchange of words, Murray and Grizz engage in a heated fight of brawn and skating. The Grizz will skate around the icy arena and send freezing shockwaves your way. He will skate dash at you as well. After dodging those attacks, Grizz will spin around in the center of the fighting area, jump into the air, and the slam down. This will cause snow-topped rocks to fall from the sky and make a circle around him. Some of the rocks are on top of ice blocks. You will have to punch the ice blocks towards him. Be careful, because as you are punching the blocks, he will attack you with his shockwaves and by raining icicles down upon you. After punching out all the ice blocks, Grizz will start skating. You must push the same buttons as him. Sometimes, one or more of the buttons will be covered by a question mark, so you'll have to memorize them. After that, Murray will throw Grizz to the ground. Simply walk over to him and mash the square button to repeatedly punch Grizz until a third of his health is knocked away. Repeat this process twice more to defeat the Grizz.

Ending cutsceneEdit

Murray is able to regain his confidence with the compliments the gang gave him for defeating the Grizz, and was once again his usual self. The gang would use Grizz's crown when they realized it was Sly's noble, yet bombastic ancestor Sir Galleth Cooper who was in trouble now.