Sly: See that old bear down there? His name is Grizzle Face, the guards ignore him because he's blind and practically nerve dead... except for his sense of smell. If that guy smells fish there's no stopping him. Use Grizzle Face to take out the oil mains.
Murray: But I don't smell like fish... do I?
— Sly and Murray talking about Grizzle Face[src]

"Old Grizzle Face" was a job for Murray in Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Lure Old Grizzle Face with fish so that Sly can implement part 2 of Bentley's Plan.


In order to get an eagle egg, Murray must destroy all the local oil mains. As Murray's fists can't punch through metal, the gang uses another technique. A blind, nerve dead bear with an extraordinary sense of smell. To lure the bear, Bentley will put explosives near the water, in order to blow the fish sky high and land near Murray's position. Then, he must toss the fish at the oil mains so that Old Grizzle Face can destroy it.

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