I-I can't believe it, he flooded that aquarium with tar... all those poor dead fish! As much as I hate to see what heinous crime this fiend will do next, you should probably keep on his tail... someday the people will know the truth thanks to your pictures.
— Bentley, after witnessing Octavio flood an aquarium with tar[src]

"Octavio Snap" was a job for Sly Cooper in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly and Bentley need photographic evidence that Don Octavio is behind Venice's tar epidemic. With photos catching him in the act, the cops will be able to prosecute him and put an end to his operation. Just as the two are talking, the Don comes into Sly's sight. He goes toward the pump valve near a fountain, turns it, and tar replaces water as the substance coming out of the fountain's spouts. Right at a perfect time, Sly takes a photo of him. After finishing polluting the fountain, Octavio heads off. Sly follows behind to see if he's going to do some more polluting.

Octavio again stops at a pump valve, and upon turning it, pollutes a birdbath. After taking a picture of Octavio and the now bird "death trap," he flees, with Sly following. The Don makes a third stop at a pump valve near a water wheel on the side of a building. He turns the valve, and the water wheel is now carrying deadly tar into the Venetian river. Not being able to get a good shot from the roof top above Octavio, Sly hitches a ride on a gondola to take it. Octavio, now having done another dirty deed, runs off.

The next valve the Don turns doesn't seem to release tar anywhere nearby...yet. Sly takes a photo anyway. After the photo is taken, Octavio's intention is revealed. Sly watches as a whole aquarium is polluted with tar, killing all the life within. Although not wanting to see the next heinous deed Octavio will commit, Bentley advises Sly to stay on his tail anyway. Following the thug, Sly finds that the next place Octavio comes to isn't another tar valve, but a Ferris wheel. Upon getting on it, the Don dials a number on his cell phone, and seems to be conversing with someone. Sly latches onto a pipe on the side of Octavio's car, to eavesdrop on his phone call.

While on the side the car, Sly and Bentley find out that Octavio is talking to someone named Giovanni. The Don tells him how the Ferris wheel is pumping the tar fast, and that nobody expects a thing. Even with the Ferris wheel, he questions whether or not it'll be enough to get things ready for his opera recital. Either way, he knows that there will be opera fans again. After that, he hangs up, and flees out of sight.

On Bentley's order, Sly breaks open the Ferris wheel's control panel. Bentley arrives right after, and rewires the engine. The Ferris wheel, now spinning more fast than it should, breaks off its hinges and crashes to the ground, killing one of Octavio's forces in the process.