North America is a continent in the North-Western Hemisphere that consists of the United States of America, Canada, Central America, Greenland and the Caribbean Islands. Sly Cooper and the gang have traveled to North America in every game of the Sly Cooper series.

North America, and in specific, the United States of America, was the location that "Tennessee Kid" Cooper lived and stole. In the late 19th century, he stole from rich landowners by carrying out train robberies and using his invented technique, the Rail Walk, to escape capture.[1] Henriette Cooper also lived in the 17th century colonial Caribbean islands of North America.


Nineteenth centuryEdit

In 1884 AD while in Cotton Mouth Bluff, Tennessee was captured by the egotistical and gold-obsessed Toothpick and thrown in prison for his crimes, as well as having his cane taken from him. Sly and the gang arrived, having time-traveled from 17th century Japan, with the intent of restoring order to the time period. After freeing Tennessee, they all stopped Toothpick from stealing any more gold and taking it to the future.[2]

After helping the gang with one last task, Tennessee returned to Cotton Mouth Bluff and lived out the rest of his life, stealing now from only crooked lawmen.

Twentieth centuryEdit

Mz. Ruby was born into a family of mystics in Haiti, and was feared by other children due to her strange powers. Learning to summon the undead was the only possible method she had of gaining friends. Years of bitterness led an adult Mz. Ruby to use her voodoo talents to commit crimes in order to take revenge on the world for fearing her as a child. She became the Chief Mystic of the Fiendish Five, which allowed the group to break both the laws of man and nature at the same time.[3]

As a child, Muggshot, the runt of his litter, lived in the U.S, and was bullied constantly. After watching a gangster movie, The Dogfather, he changed his lifestyle, and eventually became a force to be reckoned with. As an adult, he became the Chief Enforcer of the Fiendish Five, and stole a section of the Thievius Raccoonus before retreating to Mesa City, Utah, a once thriving American boom-town, but now a nearly empty ghost-town.[4]

Twenty-first centuryEdit

As part of their first big adventure, Sly and the gang traveled to Mesa City to retrieve the stolen section of the Thievius Raccoonus. After defeating Muggshot and stealing back the section, the gang spent some time in Hollywood, California, while Inspector Carmelita Fox and other Interpol agents returned order to the city.

Immediately after leaving Hollywood, the gang went to Haiti, this time going after Mz. Ruby. After defeating her, the gang escaped to more a tropical setting, while Inspector Carmelita Fox put Mz. Ruby behind bars for life, due to the illegal nature of raising the dead.

Two years later, the gang returned to North America, this time to track down the Clockwerk parts that the once frozen Canadian Jean Bison had in his possession. After stealing some of the parts from the trains of Canada,[5] as well as winning the Clockwerk talons, the gang was thrown into a prison and had all of the previously collected parts taken from them. After Bentley defeated Bison in a battle of wits against brawn, he freed the two other members of the gang. They hid in the battery of Arpeggio's blimp, which soon took off and headed to Paris.[6]

A year later, the gang returned to North America, and headed back down to the Caribbean, where the pirates of Blood Bath Bay lived, in order to gain Dimitri Lousteau's trust. After they tracked down the diving gear of his grandfather, Reme Lousteau, Dimitri joined the gang. A local pirate, the self-claimed "Smartest Man on the Seven Seas" Captain LeFwee, kidnapped Bentley's love interest, Penelope. The gang used the powers of the Guru to trick Crusher into aiding them in Penelope's rescue.[7]

After rescuing her, the gang sailed to Kaine Island.[8]


There are several locations in North America that the gang travels to.


  • North America is featured in all four main games of the Sly Cooper series.