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Neyla: This is it. And remember, if push comes to shove I never showed you this door... and...
Sly: And...?
Neyla: And we're on for that date in Bollywood.

— Neyla and Sly, after Neyla shows him the secret entrance to half of Clockwerk's heart

"Neyla's Secret" was a job for Sly Cooper in Episode 3: The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Neyla is offering her aid again. She reveals to Sly that she knows of a secret entrance leading to one-half of the Clockwerk Heart, but she needs Sly to keep up while she leads him to the entrance.


Chase Neyla to learn a secret she has.
— In-Game Description

  • Keep up with Neyla
  • Recover half of the Clockwerk heart


Upon reaching the mission marker, Neyla appears. Sly thanks her for not ratting him out at the ball. Neyla states she should be thanking him because the look on Carmelita's face was really priceless to her. Sly guesses she took it real hard and Neyla tells him no one likes having their affections played with. Sly notes he wouldn't want that to happen and tells Neyla when this mission is all done, the two of them should go out on the town, dance through Bollywood and eat curry all night long. Neyla states she will keep it in mind, but they will need to complete the task first. She explains she found a secret entrance leading to half of the Clockwerk heart. Under legal reasons, she can't enter the premises without a warrant, but a thief like Sly can enter wherever he pleases. Sly states he reads her. Neyla warns Sly to not fall behind while she leads him to the entrance as this place is thick with guards and standing still can be lethal. Sly states he knows what that means. The first half of the mission is just like it was back in Paris—hold R1 to sprint and keep up with Neyla. Don't worry about any enemies as she'll take care of them for Sly. Also like the previous encounter, hitting her will cause Sly to fail the mission, and if he does not keep up with Neyla for too long she will get bored and leave which will also cause Sly to fail the job. Eventually Sly and Neyla will arrive at the entrance of where half of the Clockwerk Heart is hidden. Neyla then reminds Sly to remember if anyone else asks him about how he found this entrance, he should not say she helped him find this entrance. She also states they are on for that date in Bollywood.

Once inside, Sly sees the heart just like Neyla says where it is. Bentley tells Sly that he must gain access to a control box in order to lower the heart down, but it is locked down tight. However, Sly notices that two of the guards have the keys to the control box and notes that they won't mind if he "borrows" the keys from them. Pickpocket two guards to get their keys.

The first guard is walking around the walkways in the room. Pick his pocket when his back is turned. The second guard is standing watch over the center of the walkway, right below the half of the heart. Sly can use a dive slam to lure him away from his post.

Now go to the crane controls and unlock the locks around the winch. This will release the Clockwerk heart half. Obtain this half of the heart to complete the job.

Video walkthrough

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Neyla's Secret05:54

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Neyla's Secret

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