Neyla's HQ was an old building in Prague that served as her base of operations in A Tangled Web of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


At one point in time, the building was a bank. The history of the building serving as a bank is unknown. However, it was presumably shut down and later used by Constable Neyla in her attempt to capture the Contessa through lethal force.

Neyla's HQ was first featured in a recon job, where both Neyla's and the Contessa's bases were photographed.[1] Sly Cooper later caught some ghosts and sent them down the building's chimney so that Neyla would think it was a sneak attack from the Contessa, and would later purchase more firepower.[2] A speaker system was also mounted onto the building so Neyla could give orders from inside, but Sly, with the help of Bentley, modified the system so Bentley could give orders as well, using Neyla's voice.[3]


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