Bentley: This Muggshot certainly isn't shy. Okay, so we know he's here somewhere, but how are we supposed to find him? Mesa City is a big place.
Sly: Given that he's a bull dog... it seems only reasonable to assume he'd chose to live in a giant fire hydrant.
— At the entrance to Mesa City[src]

"Muggshot's Turf" was a job and hub level in Sunset Snake Eyes of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


From here, Sly Cooper could visit all the other levels in Episode 2. After infiltrating Mesa City, Bentley wonders how will they find Muggshot, considering that Mesa City is huge. Sly then states that given the fact that Muggshot is a bull dog, he probably resides within the giant fire hydrant on top of the Boneyard Casino. Sly then moves on to the next level to collect enough treasure keys to activate a car's engine, which will make the car open a hole in Muggshot's casino, which will allow Sly to enter.

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