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You know, that Thingus Raccamagoocus had a lot of nice pictures, but WAY too many big words.
— Muggshot[src]

Artwork of Muggshot from Timing is Everything
In Game Information
AffiliationsFiendish Five
ACES Competition
Aliases"Meathead Muggshot"
"Two-Gun Tony"
WeaponsMachine Guns
Current StatusAlive (Incarcerated)
Real World Information
AppearancesSly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
The Adventures of Sly Cooper #2
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Timing is Everything
Voice ActorKevin Blackton

Muggshot is a massive anthropomorphic bulldog and was formerly the enforcer of the Fiendish Five. He took control of Mesa City and filled it with casinos and giant signs of himself. He was also a prominent competitor in the ACES Competition. He was the main antagonist of Episode 2: Sunset Snake Eyes of Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus.



As a child, Muggshot was born the runt of the litter, the neighborhood weakling, and was always picked on by larger dogs.
Muggshot's idea

Muggshot decides to become a gangster.

 In his loneliness, his only friends were found on the big screen, where he found solace only in mobster movies, and came to admire the tough, brutal criminals and how they took no guff from anyone. It was in one of these movies, entitled "The Dogfather" (an obvious parody of The Godfather), that Muggshot saw his first gangster, and he knew instantly that this was what he wanted to be.[1]

Inspired by his dreams of great power and respect, he spent the rest of his childhood working out, striving to be like his movie idols, until he ended up a massive, muscle bound, hard-hitting, street brawling, tough as nails gangster with a taste for guns and skin too hard to be wounded by any conventional weapon, ensuring that he'd never be picked on or pushed around ever again. From there, he eventually took his revenge on his former bullies and became a well-known enforcer and gunman, eventually being recruited by the evil Clockwerk.[1]

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

After joining the Fiendish Five as chief enforcer, Muggshot took part in the raid of the Cooper household that killed Sly Cooper's father. As the Fiendish Five each took some pages from the Thievius Raccoonus, Muggshot took the documentations of Tennessee "Kid" Cooper and notes on the Rail Walk and Rail Slide, though he just liked the pretty pictures; not really understanding all the big words. Muggshot eventually parted ways with Clockwerk, much later setting out to establish a gambling empire in the western United States. After driving out the vast majority of the residents of Mesa City, Muggshot proceeded to make his own additions, which included installing a great casino and a penthouse shaped like a fire hydrant.[1]

Sly and the gang broke into the facility, raiding Muggshot's various resources; Sly eventually breaking into Muggshot's penthouse lounge. Because of his massive size, Sly was unable to hurt him physically, so Muggshot took advantage of this and made heavy use of his guns. Sly was only able to hurt Muggshot by redirecting sunlight from various mirrors onto Muggshot's crystal garden, which in turn was magnified and fired at Muggshot, frying his guns. He retreated to another level of the crystal garden to get another spare of guns, but Sly followed him and defeated him once more.
Muggshot arrested

Carmelita arrests Muggshot

As Muggshot took refuge atop a mirror lined chandelier with a massive crystal in it, Sly redirected the mirrors onto the crystal a final time, frying the bulldog and forcing Muggshot to submit and give up the location of the next section of the Thievius Raccoonus: Haiti, where Mz Ruby resided. He was then arrested by Carmelita soon after.[1]

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Three years later, Muggshot was a pilot in the ACES Airplane Tournament in Holland, organized by the Black Baron, a runner-up from the year before the Cooper Gang arrived, who was renowned for his brutal, vicious tactics. He ran into the Cooper Gang when they too entered the competition. Despite not actually confronting the Cooper Gang on the opening evening of the tournament, he was fully aware who they were. Shortly after the opening evening, Muggshot bribed a great number of the Black Baron's guards to launch a massive assault on the Cooper Gang's aircraft hangar as revenge for the events in Mesa City, but thanks to the team effort of Bentley's various traps, Murray's determination and brute strength, along with assistance from Penelope and her RC Chopper's grappling cable, his attack had no effect.[2]

A day or two after the event of the hangar, Bentley confronts Muggshot, who was staying quiet and kept under watch as punishment by the Baron. Bentley managed to goad him into a fight, using an insult about Muggshot's mother. No longer caring about being disqualified, Muggshot agreed to Bentley's 'fight' in the town-square. The 'fight' however was actually part of an elaborate trap on Bentley's part, as at the same time Sly was luring Carmelita to the agreed meeting place. When they ran into each other, Carmelita was unable to resist going after Muggshot; the thug still angry with her and wanting revenge. The two had a firefight all around town, the countryside, and the hangars, Muggshot eventually falling to Carmelita's shock pistol. He quickly faints and is sent back to jail. This in turn removed Carmelita as a threat to the Cooper Gang's plan, as the paperwork she would have to fill out after bringing Muggshot in was apparently substantial.[2]

Timing is Everything

Muggshot appears in the series of shorts "Timing is Everything". His appearance seems to have changed slightly,
Muggshot in thieves in time

Muggshot in Timing is Everything

he does not walk using his knuckles and he no longer carries his guns.

In the story, it starts off by showing a gold pocket watch being locked into a vault, surrounded by guard dogs led by Muggshot. The vault is shown to be on a large plane flying through the sky. The Cooper Van, equipped with a jet engine and wings, flies up next to the plane and opens its side door, where Bentley uses a large harpoon gun to latch onto the plane. Sly then slides down the rope and attaches his cane to a hook on the plane. There he finds a button and promptly presses it. It opens the door for the landing gear (which Sly is attached to), which is quickly closed by the pilot, who notices that the door is open. Sly flings himself inside and lands on his back. Bentley and Murray let out a sigh of relief.

Now inside, Sly dashes down a hallway, only to quickly turn around for fear of being caught by the guard dogs patrolling the plane. He hides inside a closet as the pass, then turns around, noticing Inspector Fox tied to a chair. He rips the duct-tape off of her mouth, and she screams, after which she comes face to face with him and growls. Sly explains how she had been in hot pursuit of Muggshot, but was caught and put in the "Dog house."

Sly walks around her and begins to untie her, but realizes that it might complicate the job. He puts the duct-tape back on her mouth, then leaves the closet as she shakes her chair. Sly promised to return soon, and starts to sneak up to a guard standing in the hallway.

Carmelita rocks her chair so hard that it hits the bookshelf behind her, knocking an emergency flare into her lap. She holds the flare to the ropes, burning through them and causing smoke to set off the fire alarm. The guard hears the alarm and turns around right as Sly is about to knock him out. Sly grabs his gun with his cane and knocks the guard over, then drags him away.

Muggshot is shown, reading a newspaper in a bathroom stall, with graffiti on the walls like "Sly Pooper pees in time," and "El Paradox?" A guard opens the closet where Carmelita is trapped, smoke pouring out, before he notices Carmelita. She jumps out, kicks the guard in the chin, grabs his gun and runs. Muggshot comes out of the bathroom stall right as three guards charge pass, obviously chasing Carmelita.

Taking advantage of the situation, Sly, now wearing the knocked-out guard's clothing, sneaks into the captain's cabin where the safe is located. Dropping the disguise, Sly pops his knuckles and starts to crack into the safe. When it opens, the gold watch is no longer inside.Muggshot enters the control room, wearing the gold watch on his wrist, and a battle quickly ensues. Sly dodges Muggshot's blows, getting a whack with his cane in now and then, before Muggshot pins him to a wall. Sly now sees the watch on Muggshot's wrist. Muggshot grabs Sly's head and picks him up, while Sly kicks Muggshot in the head repeatedly. Muggshot again pins Sly, this time to a computer. Sparks fly, making the computer in the pilot's quarters to explode.

The plane gains speed, causing the Cooper Van to be pulled by the grappling hook, no longer able to keep up. Muggshot nearly hits Sly again, but notices that the gold watch has been taken from his wrist. Sly wraps the watch around his fist and socks Muggshot in the jaw, knocking him out. Just then, Carmelita breaks through the door and a few knocked out guards hit the floor. She aims the stolen pistol at Sly's chest, before they both notice that the plane is now headed directly for a mountain.

Muggshot's guards are seen jumping out of a hatch and deploying their parachutes. The wings on the Cooper Van break off and the grapple hook cord snaps, causing the Van to fall through the roof. Sly grabs Carmelita's hand and they both jump onto the awakening Muggshot's back, which knocks him out again. Bentley uses an arm on his wheelchair to grab Muggshot's belt, and Murray guns the engine, launching the Van out of the top of the plane.

The plane crashes and explodes on the mountain-side, and Bentley throws three parachutes out of the top of the Van, slowing their descent. Sly turns to Carmelita and smiles, hoping to "work out their differences" before Carmelita again aims the gun at Sly. He grabs the gun and pulls Carmelita closer, giving her a kiss. Bentley's wheelchair arm disconnects from Muggshot's belt, leaving both him and Carmelita on a cliff-side.

Carmelita blushes for a moment, before growling at the escaping Sly, raising up her fist in anger. The gold watch is in her hand, with one of Sly's calling cards attached to the face. Sly waves to her, and Carmelita shakes her head in content. Sly, now in the Van, smiles at Bentley and Murray, raising his shoulders, while Bentley facepalms and Murray rolls his eyes. That image is captured in a photograph, which Sly, standing on a balcony, is holding. Carmelita walks up to Sly and hugs him as Sly looks at the Eiffel Tower and Le Paradox blimp floating near it.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

In "Turning Japanese", when Sly has gained the Samurai costume and must enter the prison to save Rioichi, he states his name is Major Muggshot when the guard on duty questions if Sly is a real guard or not.

In "Go West, Young Racoon" after finding all the bottles, the Safe treasure is Muggshot's lucky coin from his old casino. It doubles the amount of coins you gain from pickpocketing, smashing things and defeating enemies.


Muggshot is a massive bulldog with lilac fur, large muscular arms, and small and seemingly degenerated legs. As he grew up lifting weights, he became a huge, muscular beast of a dog. His arms are so huge and long, he walks on his knuckles like a gorilla, while his puny legs dangle, having no other use except standing and kicking at a close distance. He has a thick mustache and mono-brow.

In the first game, he wore a tank top, but in the third game, he dons an aviator outfit.


As the stereotypical thug, he is brutal, ruthless, vicious, and arrogant. But in place of his great strength, he is dimwitted, possessing a rather abnormal intellectual addition to his vocabulary. Despite his cruelty, he is shown to have a scrap of honor as he refused to fight Bentley as "it wouldn't feel right pounding a four-eyed runt in a wheelchair." [2]

Powers and Abilities

Muggshot is incredibly strong, given his size, and is easily capable of holding hangar doors open and thrashing Sly around. He is also very durable, able to take a direct beating from Murray and withstand the magnified light from his crystal gardens during his fight with Sly. He wields numerous machine guns and is highly capable in their use. He also appears to be a skilled pilot, as he is the head pilot of Team Muggshot and almost beat the Black Baron in the ACES Competition.



  • Though Muggshot lives in Utah, he seems to have an east coast accent.
  • Pictures of Muggshot can be seen in the Museum of Natural History in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. As Sly is walking through the hallway towards the courtyard, pictures of him are along the wall, along with ones of Panda King and Sir Raleigh.
  • Muggshot's name is wordplay of the word "mugshot," which is a picture that's taken when someone goes to jail.
  • Muggshot from the original Sly Cooper growls almost like Charizard from Pokemon
  • Muggshot's alias "Two-Gun Tony" might suggest that his real name is Tony.
  • Muggshot's mustache is identical to his mono-brow.
  • It is unknown exactly how Muggshot got out of jail between the gap in Sly 1 and Sly 3. The two only possible explainations are that he was either released or broke out of prison.
    • Although the latter is more likely as occupying an entire city would be worth way more than three years behind bars. Plus, he opened up a casino in Utah, which is illegal, for some strange reason.
  • In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, when Sly tries to enter the Imperial Prison with his Samurai Costume to rescue Rioichi, he uses the alias "Major Muggshot" to get past the boar guard on duty.
  • He and Clockwerk are the only members of the Fiendish Five to make an appearance or being mentioned in every Sly Cooper Game in the Series. A boss in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, a painting in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, a boss again in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves as well as his Slot Machine in an animated short, and appearing in an animated short in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time as well as being used as a disguise. 
  • In Sly 3, he is voiced by Tommy Karlsen Sandum in Norwegian.
  • In Finnish dub of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieveshe was called Kovanaama (Thug). However, when being referred in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Timehe is called Turpakuva (Mugshot). 
  • Muggshot's appearance in Timing Is Everything resembles the villain Bane from the Batman comics.
  • It is possible that he opened up a bar,since the Approach level of Sunset Snake Eyes, one of the building signs says "The Bone House".



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