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Ms. Puffin
Puffin, during the Adventures of Sly Cooper
In Game Information
AffiliationsHappy Camper Orphanage
Current StatusAlive
Real World Information
AppearancesThe Adventures of Sly Cooper
Voice ActorN/A
Comic1 pg10gfs

Ms.Puffin telling Sly, Bentley and Murray off for trying to steal her cookies.

Mrs. Puffin is ironically the owner of the Happy Camper Orphanage and as Sly put it mean, nasty and of course old. She had a cookie jar in her office, which became filled with cookies that she stole from the children. Using Bentley's little yet intelligent mind and Murray's amateur driving skills, Sly was able to steal the cookie jar, but it was a very close crime.

She seems to be a bird. However, she is never seen in the games of the Sly Cooper series, only in the comic books.



  • Obviously given her bird like appearance it is possible that her last name comes from Puffin birds.
  • In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: "40 thieves", one of the treasures is the Cookie Jar from The Gang's very first heist. It is possible that Murray broke it by accident but Bentley or Sly kept it and fixed it.

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