Monkeys were minor enemy guards Sly encountered in China. They were monkeys tasked with protecting the Panda King's stronghold in the Kunlun Mountains.


They wore white pants. As their weapon of choice, they used their nunchucks to attack their foes. Sly could defeat them with one single strike. They are enemies in "The King of the Hill" and "Rapid Fire Assault."


  • In "Flaming Temple of Flame," several monkeys can be seen training inside the temple. If Sly has found the blueprints for the Panda King's stronghold, Sly's binocucom will register them as breakable objects. Once "broken," however, if Sly looks at a monkey's former position, enemy data will be displayed (provided Sly has obtained the Computer Hacking entry of the Thievius Raccoonus from the vault hiding it).