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Moles were a type of enemy in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, appearing only in He Who Tames the Iron Horse.

Description Edit

They wear yellow hard hats, blue overalls, and are gray in color. In their left claw, they carry a bundle of dynamite, but don't actively use it. They tunnel under snow (signified by a trail of moving lumps in the snow in the area) and when approached by any member of the Cooper Gang, they pop out halfway and attack with a spinning move with their open claw. A simple hit from any attack is more than enough to dispatch them. However, they can be defeated only by Carmelita using her Shock Pistol, as they will burrow up again from the snow to continue patrolling if given enough time.


Underground Mole

Sly encountering a mole guard.

  • Sometimes, when you approach trail of a mole, it will not pop up to attack you.